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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Saw this movie yesterday and had a good hardy laugh. I needed that. Mike Tyson had a nice couple of parts as you will see in .
It was worth the $28. to see it.
It will release in France next week ; here it is called Very bad trip (what a stupid thing to give it another english title, they could have left the original if they didn't find any french one).

Not my kind of film but the baby is very very very cute.
Went to the mall with Mr. G with the intentions of seeing that last Friday... I met him there from the hospital (Gram), and I was an hour late, and we wound up talking to my ex-girlfriend outside and her new beau... so I was upset that we didn't get to see it, we may see it this Fri. with this challenged kid I knew from high-school and his friend (I don't know why I'm divulging this, I guess I felt it was on topic at the time).

The night ended with good food and talking about death and assisted suicide.

But I really want to see this.
I have to agree, I had heard both sides of the story on this movie.
1. It's the greatest movie ever!
2. ah, it's ok.

I'd lean more towards it's a very funny, funny movie! Definately worth seeing, I too, will probably pick up the dvd. Maybe it'll have some good outtakes, deleted scenes etc.

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