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Dear Friends,
Yes it's true. I wrote a book. The odds of this occurring are astonishing. I, for the most part wrote this book because I have been unemployed a lot over the past few years. I refused to waste my life away. I agree that my book is of a strange topic but, who cares. There is all kinds of weird shit going on these days. I watch TV shows of guys who operate heavy tow equipment in the winter and shows where people hunt to survive cold Alaska winters.

My book is about the prevalence of the phrase "Third Floor" showing up in so many movies. Isn't that weird?

Why would eye right a book aboot that? Well because I was in a nearly world famous Rock band called "Third Floor" We were a local Philly Rock band that did 50 gigs in 1989. We were good. I'm not kidding. We were really good. After Third Floor broke up I ended up watching a lot of movies. As explained in the book I always loved movies.

I started to notice the phrase "Third Floor" being mentioned in many movies. I started a list. The list grew and grew. Many years later I took out the lists and found that I was up to about 90 movies and so I thought I was on to something. This is essentially what the book is about. I may be crazy.

I also cover the story of my young life and what it is like to have a dream of being a drummer in a really hot band. This was a life long pursuit. It is not easy doing such a thing. You have to really want it and certain things have to fall in place for it to happen. So it is a autobiography of an average guy who has an amazing run of luck in sports and then pursues drumming like a madman who then ends up in a great band which then turns into a book about movies. It all makes perfect sense.

Excuse me I have to go catch 200 pounds of Samon to survive the harsh Pennsylvania Winter.

I hope all of the Buk nation across the globe will but my book so that my life will not "be clubbed into dank submission."

There is a heavy Buk influence on the book. I quote numerous passages. I am so fancy I quote one entire Bukowski poem. Look at the cover for Bukowski clues. There are also Third Floor clues such as our old address was 141. Check out the blue Volks license plate. I loved having Mr. Charles Bukowski as a major part of my book. How could I write a book and not have Buk as a major player. Sure.

If you decide to purchase a copy please do so at Author House dot com. I make more $ per book there. If you want a copy with my soon to be sought after Auto-Graph contact my assistant Ashley. Wait... she is not real. Contact me via a pleasant conversation. I will be sure to oblige.

Danny Mac


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Congrats, Baby!


When my band “Third Floor” broke up in December of 1989 I got into renting movies on the weekend. I had gone about 3 years not watching any movies because I was so busy with music. VCR’s were new and renting movies was the new thing. I started hearing the phrase Third Floor in a lot of movies. I thought I may have been losing my mind so I started a list of the movies where I heard Third Floor in them. I also counted movies where there were scenes that the director did a close up of a door with a 300 series number because I figured that most 300 series rooms are on the Third Floor. My list grew and grew. Twentythree years later with me seemingly unable to get a full time job I dug out the old lists and found out that I had about 90 movies. So I decided it was book worthy. While writing the book the movie total grew to 115 movies. There is some sort of “conspiracy” going on here but I don’t know what it is. The whole first half of the book is talking about how I always dreamed of being a drummer in a band and I tell my life story of what it was like to bring a dream to fruition and how I co-formed the band Third Floor and then I transition into the movie topic. If you’re a person who loves movies, you’ve got to get this book.
Dear Friends,
[... I am so fancy, I quote one entire Bukowski poem.
Indeed you are Danny.
I like the book cover and the title, how could I not buy the book? Had a peek at the about the author in the link you posted, it's very good. Feel I have to address you as Daniel from here on in, congratulations:).
You guys just made my day. You just filled this pain filled person with joy. There are a few Bukowski things on the front cover. I won't tell you what they are. Ya'll are gonna have to figure them out on your own. The more Buk poems you've read the better of you will be. The blue Volks is an obvious one. If you can see the license plate that is another easy one. Let me go count the others with the help of Ponder with his posting of the picture where I fell short.

There are 3 others. The cat on the sidewalk is not a Buk thing. It could have been with the way he loved cats. The cat is there because my not quite famous Rock band had a catchy song called "Nines Lives." It was a song about a Kitty Cat. So that is why the cat is there. I won't give any clues yet but if you discerning folks don't get all 3 within a few weeks I'll give you some clues. The 141 address was the address of my former bands Third Floor warehouse flat. That is me or any other bloke sitting in the window getting ready to swept away into movie heaven. We all have certain movies we love. The artist lady wanted that big ole moon there. I wasn't too sure if I liked that idea. I know what it is like to have your ideas shot down and how much it sucks so I told her OK let's go with that. It turned out to be a great idea.

It's from Moonstruck. That's the one where Cher showed she could really act and Nicholas Cage was good also. So the artist lady is responsible for the moon.

I feel weird doing this but now I've got to be a Bidnisman and sell the hell out of this book. If you want a signed copy I can sell you one of the 25 books that are going to be delivered to my tiny cottage. I should have them within 4 to 6 weeks. If you care not for my autograph then please go to Author House dot com because I get 25% per book as opposed to a paltry 13% from amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you want a signed copy then start a conversation with me so I can get your address.
You should never judge a book by its cover. But then Oscar Wilde wrote: "It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances."
Anyway, I like the cover and will try and check out the book too.
Thanks for the nice words. You groovy chicks and cool cats have made my day.

I'm disappointed that NO ONE took a stab at trying to figure out some of the stuff on the cover. I was about to give hints but I guess I'll just spill the beans.
You already know about the blue Volks. One of my favorite Buk lines that I like and I actually have it on my kitchen cabinet so I can keep it straight is....

"If you see me grinning from my Blue Volks running a yellow light driving straight into the sun. I will be locked in the arms of a crazy life." I don't have a Blue Volks but I can assure you I am locked in the arms of a crazy life. So you get the car in the driveway and you know the license plate.

The trash cans on the side of the house are because if you remember he took the trashcans in and out while he lived at De Longpre in order to keep his rent down $10 per month. He used to drink with his landlord and the landlord's old lady. They use to sing Oklahoma and drink til 4.

The apartment numbers you can see in my building on the cover is from the "Barlfy." Wanda lived in Apt 309 and the loud mouthed wife beating neighbor lived in Apt. 309. You guys should have gotten that one. Come on.

The 3 birds on the roof are from a poem of his in his literal "Dying Days." He is lying in bed and he is too weak to even take a piss. He writes this poem while lying in bed. I'm pretty sure I saw another poem where he says he sees the birds on a telephone wire from his bed. I put my birds on the roof because I didn't want to overcrowd the cover with a telephone pole and wires.

The poem is in "The Pleasures of the Damned." (great title) It is twilight musings and it is on page542

the drifting of the mind
the slow loss, the leaking away.
one's demise is not very interesting.
from my bed I watch 3 birds through the east window.
one coal, the other dark brown, the
other yellow.
as night falls I watch the red lights on the bridge blink on and off.
I am stretched out in bed with the covers up to my chin.
I have no idea who won at the track today.
I must go back to the hospital tomorrow.
why me?
why not?

The person seen sitting in his chair watching TV or a movie is me. Or it can also be any Tom, Dick, or Harry who loves TV and movies. Technically speaking I'm in Apt. 308 and the reason for this is that I grew up in an Apt D-308 in Wissahickon Apartments in Lansdale.

You guys would not know this but the address of 141 was the address of the building that my band Third Floor rocked out in.

So now you know the secrets of the book cover art!
Whoa! I live on the third floor too! Wait! My office at work is also on Danny? You better watch your back. I think you're on to something big here. They may be gunning for you now. Keep safe brother.
hey Danny Mac, so awesome that you wrote a book and love the off-beat subject matter. Also the cover art is very cool. Much congrats brother!
My book is totally ready now after a several month delay. I'm currently just about sold out of my 1st box of 25 books. You can buy a book directly from me if you want. I have no problem with shipping books overseas or up to "The Great White North." If you want to buy online I get the best deal via Author House dot com. Further still if you prefer Amazon or Barnes & Noble you can go there too. But either way my book is out there and it feels great to be finally selling it. I hope you guys buy up some copies. If your tapped out because of Christmas then no rush wait until late January or February.

I really dig all of your cool comments up above and the enthusiasm you guys have for my book. Thanks Folks.
Yo Philly Dave, How's it going? I'm glad to hear you're thinking about getting a copy of my book. If you do buy it, get it from me directly. I'll be able to sign it and I get a better profit then if you buy it online. I sold out my 1st box of 25. I gave a few away to old bandmates and a few away for promotional consideration. I don't know if you're a WIP sports radio guy but I just heard that Anthony Gargano is leaving. I can't imagine that he'll stay off the air. He's probably going to 97.5 FM the Fanatic. He's just about the only guy at that radio station that I really like. I hope you buy a copy of my book. I would love to share it with you.
I don’t always read books, but when I do, I prefer to read books written by drummers.

So while trapped in Calcutta during a recent typhoon, I was pleased to come across Daniel McTeigue’s “The Third Floor Movie Mystery” in a local shop. As the winds and rain battered the shutters of my third floor hotel room, I settled down with a bottle Bangla and began to turn the pages.

Mr. McTeigue appears to be an optimistic man by nature. His father was an alcoholic growing up and that created some major issues in young Daniel’s life, but he holds no ill will toward the man – only a sadness that he didn’t live long enough to see his son follow his dreams.

And big dreams they were. Not just as a drummer, but an athlete who excelled in hockey, soccer and track. McTeigue describes those winning (and losing) moments in a way that makes you appreciate the rabid determination that drove his success.

But it was drumming that really obsessed McTeigue.

He started very young with an older friend’s drum kit that he eventually was able to purchase and pound the life out of. When the kit was on the verge of disintegrating, young Daniel invited the neighborhood kids over to watch him destroy the kit in a Keith Moon-like rage – encouraging the rest of them to trash everything in the garage.

It would be several years before McTeigue returned to drumming, although it never left his mind. His father and older brother knew that and eventually chipped in to buy him a kit in his late teens. It was the last gift he ever received from his dad, who passed a way a short time later.

The kit sat in storage until he and a friend finally got a room on the third floor of a warehouse where they could pound away and focus on becoming professional musicians. The pages that follow are some of the best in the book as McTeigue describes the ups and downs of forming bands and perfecting his playing. One of those bands would be named Third Floor and that’s where McTeigue’s fascination with third floor references began.

The remaining part of the book is a list of all the third floor movie references that McTeigue has complied through the years. He arranges them chronologically so you can better understand his growing fascination with the subject. Besides the references, McTeigue offers color commentary and speculation with each reference as the book proceeds. He also has plenty of Bukowski material to ponder, along with completely random thoughts and memories.

It could have been the bottle of Bangla I was drinking, but as I turned the pages I began to better appreciate this crazed fascination with McTeigue’s third floor movie references. At first glance, McTeigue appears to be as crazy as a shit house rat. But then he becomes more like Peter Sellers in “Being There” – you’re not quite sure if he’s just “special” or truly “gifted.” Then, by the end, you begin to believe he’s been pulling your leg the whole time and in the process got you to read his entire book.

Who is the real McTeigue?

To me, that’s the true mystery that this book left me with… and I hope to never find the answer.

Stay thirsty, Mr. McTeigue.
@Danny Mac I will buy one. Currently on holiday w/ the family in Canada and drunk on Alexander Keiths. When we get home and settle the bills, yr the first on my spending list. Happy Holidaze all.........
So, it was PM...
This forum has the best gumshoe moderators/identity experts I've ever seen.

Or did PM come out of closet of his own free will?
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Incredible write up Mr. P Mahone. I laughed out loud. I had to read it in a 1940's gum shoe voice. Are you a writer and you just haven't told anyone? You sound like Nick Belane. Since I suspect no one on Barnes and Noble has bought my book I may have to copy and paste select comments from your expert review to boost my domestic sales volumes. As a result of Roni's translation my European sales are through the roof.

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