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Southern California Lit Scene, Vol. 1 No. 1, December 1970 (also contains an interview collected in Sunlight Here I Am).




Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
As I recall, this one is for/about some dip shit Marina's mom was dating at the time. Which would explain the hostility about him never being the poet (father/man) that Buk hoped he was... Could use some verification, but I'm pretty sure there's a short story about the same guy.


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Wow wow, thanks a lot, mjp!!

99% that Joseph Aberman is Neeli Cherkovski, who's taking the bet? That "picking apples"-theme also appears in the letters, "Living on Luck". Obviously Neeli went to visit Jerusalem in the early 70's, probably living in a kibbutz for a while.


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Cherkovski certainly fits the timeline: he was around 24 in 1970, having 11 more years to "fuck-off" (until 35), just as Bukowski had said in this pamphlet poem.
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This is pretty funny, by the way:

"Be lazy, Joseph Aberman,
your mother talks to me for hours over the phone
telling me how you were photographed against the Wailing Wall
in your special gear, somber,

and how you wailed
when a month ago
money wired you was
lost or missent or
held up."


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