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I dont suppose there's any Tolkien readers out there? He gets a bad rap because he gets thrown into fantasy and science fiction. Given the depth and complexity of his work though, in that it displays an eclectic sense of philology and classic archetypes) I'd deem him more of a neo-classicist, an off-shoot of the Modernists, rather than lump him in with the horror of what his followers have created.
I came across Tolkien back in high school when I was trying to figure out Nietzsche ("Birth of Tragedy") through Wagner re: Norse myth and so on until reaching Tolkien on "Beowulf" (not Norse but everything was broadened at that point). I was surprised. Going through "Lord of the Rings" and "Silmarillion" were quite illuminating and I was able to recognize a broad classical tradition present. Heavy reading.
Unfortunately, being a Tolkien fan lumps you in with a bad crowd and there's some guilt by association. That being said, I think Tolkien would have gotten along better with Joyce, Pound and TS Eliot than he would have with any fantasy people. Anyhow, seeing on how his "newest" "book" has come out, I was wondering if there's Buk-readers who have any insight into Tolkien or have picked up his new book.


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Well, I have the trilogy but it's been years since I read them last. I have the movies too. They're just great. I've watched some docu's on Tolkien too but I would'nt say that I have any particular insight although I like the trilogy and the movies a lot. What's this about a new Tolkien "book"?
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Ahh, Silmarillion. I never could get through that book. So much different than the trilogy...
Nothing to be ashamed of in admitting that. Other than most of the drudgery of the middle part of the trilogy (but originally intended to be a single volume in case anyone didn't know) I loved Lord of the Rings. I could never make it through Silmarillion however. Things felt so convoluted after awhile it was impossible for me to follow.


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Of course I read the Trilogy, but when i watched the Jackson's adaptation i can't believed, it was so bad. I also read Hobbit and some short novels. I respect Tolkien but i never was his fan or something. I waiting for his new book now.

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