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while I make the scans, I'll upload a few documents where you'll see the Bukowski material held at various U.S. university libraries.
The first one is the USC list. There it goes!

Please note there are 10 entries only, but they are boxes, and each box is full of Bukowski material. So, actually, it's a lot of material, and this is the tip of the tip of the tip of the true iceberg, which is at the UCSB.

by the way, item n° 2, the Hustler magazine, was gone! somebody had stolen it, I think.


  • Charles Bukowski Collection at
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in the attachment below you'll find a document containing a full description of the Loujon Press Collection held at the University of Tucson. For the lovers of It Catches... and Crucifix...


  • Arizona papers - Loujon Press
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