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This isn't a movie or music, but it seems like it should be there anyway...

Wanda Sykes has a new stand up hour on HBO and it is very funny. If you have the HBO you might want to take a peek.

Smart, outspoken, opinionated and one of a kind. Three-time Emmy(R)-winning actress/comic Wanda Sykes returns to HBO for her second full-length stand-up special. Taped before a live audience at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., this riotous performance features material from Wanda's national "I'ma Be Me" tour including her hilarious takes on such topics as the media's fascination with bad news, the irony of the U.S. electing a black president just as the country went broke, the comic "gift" that is Joe Biden, the disappointment of California's Proposition 8 decision, keeping in shape as you get older, the proliferation of "broke dick" commercials on TV, and much more.

If you do have HBO I don't have to tell you how funny Flight of the Conchords or Curb Your Enthusiasm are. But if you don't watch those, you should.

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