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War All The Time (1 Viewer)


It is what it is
I'm looking to sell my copy.
It is a 1st edition hardback.
It is number 166 of 400 signed copies with the blue cloth backstrip.
In near fine condition - there is some faint toning - it looks like the remnants of publishers glue used during manufacture - to the top of the book (visible when book is closed) and a tiny amount of handling/shelf wear.
The mylar jacket is present and thinner (?) than most I've seen.
CBs signiture is done in 2-3mm marker, rather than a pen.
This is as I bought it 4-5 years ago.
It's really in great condition - I'm just very picky - as you all may be!

I want 400USD for it.

Anyone here interested before I stick it on eBay?
i live in sydney, and am looking for a copy of this book..whats the lowest you'l go.. i doubt you'l get $400 us for it on ebay..
Buk on a bike -- if you're going to put this stuff out there, then you're going to have to listen to opinions that you might not agree with. Them's the rules.

Having said that, there's no way you'll ever get $400 for this title. If I were you, I'd PM darren and make a deal.
I agree....

There is a fine copy on ebay for $375. Abe is a bit on the high side. Ebay will probably bring less....

All best,Bill

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