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I was introduced to CB's work by a coworker, who was a great fan of him, and particularly liked Pulp.

He described it as "the best detective story ever", and the Red Sparrow was methaphoric...Charles Bukowski saw a Red Sparrow in his mind when he was very drunk, hence the whole red sparrow hunting on Pulp....that according to my pal.

Now, I read Pulp some days ago, and I thought, "where did my pal get all this from???"

I didnt see any reference to any bird CB saw when was drunk whatsoever...in fact in the cover of the book it clearly states that it's supposed to be a mockery of detective stories, just like a big joke or parody, so either my friend didnt understood it well, or had unknown sources, or I just didnt get it.

In plain words: what's pulp about? Did anyone hear that story about the halluzinations of CB of a read sparrow before???
Why would you refuse to believe it? Are you in love with me or something?

Anyway...have you even read Pulp?

hay algunos "tipos duros" ;) en el foro, así que espero que no te sorprendan algunas respuestas.

Some people see Pulp as a tribute to Martin.
It's okay Cirerita, I don't really care about tough guys...it's only online stuff anyway.

The thing is that this guy told me the whole story about Pulp, the Red Sparrow vision around 7 years ago, but I couldn't read Pulp by then.

I read it a few days ago, expecting to find this Red Sparrow episode...but to tell you the truth I felt somewhat confused at the ending...what the heck meant the whole thing???

Perhaps I am plain stupid, but I couldnt make any sense out of it...that's why I thought somebody here could shed some light on the matter.
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As I said, it's a metaphorical ending that some people see as a tribute to Martin, as a way of saying "thank you" for all the shit we've been through together. But as any other metaphor, it's open to interpretations.
Well, thanks for your answer, I guess you are right, it depends on the consumer/reader to find a meaning.

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