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My wife and I recently purchased a fantastic painting from our own Homeless Mind entitled Winter. It's part of a "Four Seasons" series, but this one particularly caught our eye. The following photo doesn't really do it enough justice, as there are many hidden images, much like gazing up at clouds from a field of wild flowers might evoke. I thought I'd share it with you all:


All of the paint is applied with knives and sponges. No brushes at all.
Very good. Every once in a while, I dream at night that I am able to fly. This reminds me of it. Like flying high above the clouds without being touched by the storm.
Sincerely, thanks for the kind words

Thanks to all. Appreciate the kind words.

Those who would like to check out more, goto my site: www.studiomunch.com

I recently had a major gig at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (solo show, VIP-event, 70 original Rock Star pieces of art "” Hard Rock purchased 10 "”more info on my site).

Purple/JM, the "museum" frame looks awesome, worth every cent; you did her good. May she bring you enjoyment for a lifetime.

More Shameless Self-Promotion:
If you see anything you dig at my site, LMK. I've been known to offer friends & family pricing. We're all friends here, right? :D ;)

Yeah the economy sucks. But I'm happy to still be selling to a loyal client/collector base, and adding new collectors in this "W-inspired time."


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Thanks to the Mod Squad for their help "” again

Thanks, C-Dog.

And a quick note: I had posted a Dylan painting yesterday that went missing. I asked the mods what happened to it?

It was my ignorance, not realizing if you remove a photo from an album, it voids it here. So thanks to mjp, hooch, hank solo for helping me resolve.

Anyone who read the caption (below the white space), sans painting/photo, can now see it; posted above.

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