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lothario speedwagon
i had to come back and post about this. but i've made myself a promise not to instigate any fights, and to keep the snarky, insulting comments to a minimum. i've quit forums before and been really resolute about it; i knew i would come back to this one as soon as i'd cooled off a little bit. there's a beer waiting for f. luke in my fridge. (congrats on the bospress book, btw; that's huge.)

anyway, the truck driver who came by my apartment today to deliver my new mattress (via yellow freight, hence the title) saw my bukowski broadsides on the wall, and asked me if i read him. i told him yes, and he then said, "have you read '7 inches?'" i said no, but the title sounds familiar, so i'm guessing i read it years ago when i first devoured all of bukowski's stuff and have forgotten about it. then, he told me about where it was first published, and how he found the little literary mag in LA when he was in truck driver school... turns out, he was a huge bukowski fan.

i think he wanted me to tip him, but i didn't have any cash.

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