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    The great who died unknown...

    After reading this, I could simply stop. What more can there be? (Un?)-Fortunately,...i know there is more. What a great piece. What a great piece.
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    Any clue to who 'the Professor' was, Sounds as though he wrote a pretty good novel(!). "..his words danced with laughter and mockery, gamble." Any tips?
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    Quick question here. I'm slowly reading thru the Manuscripts,..GREAT JOB! Thanks!..! My questions is: What does 'Collected' vs. 'Un-collected' mean? I can imagine this IS explained,..somewhere. i'm lazy. please show understanding,... if not partisan-ship! Thank you, gallagher p.s.: While I...
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    It Catches My Heart In It's Hands

    mjp(!). I promise(!..!) YES. ("Jawohl!",...for Roni. ?) {Altho, attending 'The Robert Frost Elementary School', probably explains EVERYTHING.} Yes. I promise. If for only this, and nothing more. This it is and for evermore. For I hear a tapping on my bedroom door... Shit! Sorry. I am in...
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    It Catches My Heart In It's Hands

    Just the Poems,.. as HE wrote them. ? (i haven't even been able to find a reputable 'table of content'.) idea of Mrs. Webb's drawing(?),..would also be appreciated. ? Thank you, least for asking(!). gallagher
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    It Catches My Heart In It's Hands

    öH. The sadest news, always arrives the quickest. ? Roni, I'd like to say: "Thanks.", but i can't bring it thru my lips. ? don't have one of the 777, by any chance, do you? ? p.s.: Are there any boot-legging black-marketeers out there(!), who could find sympathy, for an old no-body?
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    Greta Thunberg

    Well,..this is probably my vermented masculinity bubbling, but.. I don't really feel cool about a 15 year old kid; from white suburban well-to-do upper-middle-class acting family,..telling me how the world functions. Like I said: "Blame it on my roots." 'Protesters', in general,... ? I dig the...
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    It Catches My Heart In It's Hands

    I'm trying to find a 'seemingly accurate' edition of this book. I cannot afford one of the original 777,....because of my fig newton and oreo cookies habit. ? Actually, I am surprised to find,.. or rather: NOT TO FIND(!), re-prints readily availible! What,..where would you folks recommend that I...
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    John Martin Interview

    Wasn't meant to be. Writing, we discover ourselves. Discussing, we discover others. In this case, especially,..we share more than one(!) common interest....he worked with some great writers.,...some crazy peoples. Does any one know how or where to contact him?...has any one tried? Thanks for...
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    John Martin Interview

    It's funny with Charles Bukoski, the more I read of him, the less I know of him(!). He seemed capable of creating his own,...'truth'.(?) ...the essence of ever good,..GREAT Writer! The article above: I find some of the insights and storys and dates interesting. And some, probably true(!)...
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    John Martin Interview I was researching The Black Sparrow Press, when i crossed over this. It's kinda nice. (?) {Hope I'm not re-running a James Bond film here....? ,..for the twenty-th time. ?} Smiles, gallagher