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I'm trying to find a 'seemingly accurate' edition of this book. I cannot afford one of the original 777,....because of my fig newton and oreo cookies habit. ? Actually, I am surprised to find,.. or rather: NOT TO FIND(!), re-prints readily availible! What,..where would you folks recommend that I look for?

I'm thankfull for your thoughts.

p.s.: 'Crucifix in a Deathhand' is probably going to be my next 'post qustion'.... ?
öH. The sadest news, always arrives the quickest. ? Roni, I'd like to say: "Thanks.", but i can't bring it thru my lips. ? don't have one of the 777, by any chance, do you? ?

p.s.: Are there any boot-legging black-marketeers out there(!), who could find sympathy, for an old no-body?
you mean you want a facsimile of the originals or just the poems in them?
Just the Poems,..
as HE wrote them. ?

(i haven't even been able to find
a reputable 'table of content'.) idea of Mrs. Webb's drawing(?),..would also be appreciated. ?

Thank you, least for asking(!).
mjp(!). I promise(!..!) YES. ("Jawohl!",...for Roni. ?)

{Altho, attending 'The Robert Frost Elementary School', probably explains EVERYTHING.}

Yes. I promise.
If for only this, and nothing more.
This it is and for evermore.
For I hear a tapping on my bedroom door...

Shit! Sorry. I am in control. Yes.
Yahoo!...! Thank you MJP. I really appreciate the offer. And I will take you up on it.
Thank you.

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