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    Black Sparrow typesetter selling her collection

    Color me confused. I thought Sasha was a man. Actually met "him" at Ed Smith's book store in Ojai back in the early 1990s. At least that's who he told me I met. Could have sworn I've some pictures of "him" as well. And I vaguely remember him telling me about the little printing operation "he"...
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    Poem in NYQ

    Okay, so per my promise to CRB, I am posting a reminder about this. Issue #66 is out now, and is either in stores, or should be shortly. Pretty excited to get my contributor's copies after all this time. :) And I now realize that I posted this in January of '09! What's another year and half...
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    Steve Richmond sale

    Earth Rose is an amazing collection.
  4. Lttr Prssd is open

    Excellent stuff! And I am humbled and honored to be on the "Thanks," page. Totally undeserved!
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    Steve Richmond

    Sad news. I had the privilege of publishing Richmond, and having a (somewhat) rocky publisher/writer relationship with him. The few phone calls I had with him were interesting to say the least. The letters are treasures. I need to get them to Mike Dailey, so he can do something with them. I was...
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    Most Beautiful Woman...

    If I'm not mistaken (and this has been stated already), many of the stories in the City Lights collections were written for the free papers, and titty magazines, and probably were done more to turn a dime than create something "literary." Most of those stories were reworked for later poems...
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    The curtains are waving...

    Used to own a copy of this. A very delicate little book. After awhile I realized it was too much of a museum piece, I couldn't sit and flip through the pages and enjoy it, so I sold it. This was back before eBay and I wish I had held on to it a little longer. Oh well. It did have a cool...
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    Wormwood Review

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    Something for the fans of letterpress

    I have been told about these errors a number of times. That's what you get for using the translator on your computer. :) Because of this I don't plan on reprinting those cards again.
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    Wormwood Review

    Yup. :)
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    Wormwood Review

    Originally I thought the Feiffer and Steinberg covers were solicited by your dad, but I recall him telling me once they were from his "collections." I always wondered how he got away with using them! Guess no one noticed or cared. :)
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    Wormwood Review

    Hi Christa! It's Mark Begley here. Glad to see you on the forum. A Wormie website would be awesome, but quite an undertaking I'm sure. I must say I'm the proud owner of a (nearly) complete set of WRs. I think I have every issue (need to double check) but the first five or so are photocopies...
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    Something for the fans of letterpress

    Haha, I'm going to send him that image.
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    Something for the fans of letterpress

    Oops, should have put the artist's name in that post, Drew Millward.
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    Something for the fans of letterpress

    Here's another recent "thing." This was outsourced to a great printer in Rhode Island. Little guy, 5x7 inches. EDIT: