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    The Charles Bukowski Tributes - number 1

    One eye on the mail box already....
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    Young in New Orleans

    It's all about the word as MJP suggests....
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    Searching for The Pass

    Awesome! Thanks!
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    Saigon, Hanoi or Da Nang

    Saigon Reviewed Lynn Alexander of Full Of Crow has reviewed the book at Check it out!
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    Searching for The Pass

    Some time ago I read a manuscript (on this site?) of a poem I believe is titled "Caught Again at Some Impossible Pass"...or something I can't find it. Please help...
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    Forum fauna: The Traveling Salesman

    Awesome...I can just picture this creature with your description being voiced over the "Hinterland Who's Who" theme.
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    Poet Jim Carroll has died

    I recall that was a very depressing film. But I saw it long ago before I liked depressing films... Carroll reads an interesting piece called "Just Visiting" (I believe) in the film Poetry In Motion. I recommend you check it out.
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    Under Construction

    Interesting stuff there...will have to go back when I'm more bored to read throught the scenes...
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    One of the Hottest (Dog from Hell)

    Since those lines are in parentheses, I don't think he's referring to any actual event (fire). Otherwise he'd just write "half the town was on fire." So my take is similar to Hank Solo's...he's very satisfied, feeling great and the olives are wonderful and the town or the whole world could...
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    Bukowski's funeral

    So that's like... "I swear there ain't no heaven, but I pray there ain't no hell"... (Blood, Sweat and Tears)
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    Ananda Osel/Joseph Osel: Article about a emerging genre of poetry. What does everyone think?

    Ananda and Osel are both Buddist names. Selah is Hebrew. So I figure there are two Buddists and a Jew at college in Seattle, or wherever, getting high and lamenting that Courtney Love will never go down for killing Kurt. Outraged, the conceive ASO as a weapon to fight the...
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    Saigon, Hanoi or Da Nang

    OK, so I'm delving into the subject matter of another thread here.... My chapbook includes a poem entitiled "Too Little". This poem first appeared on the Commonline Project website in early 2008. of the supposed editors of that e-zine is....Ananda Selah Osel! Crazy, I know.... You...
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    slumdog millionaire

    I think this theory is quite sound!
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    new blood

    Are you still drinking and working at the post office?
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    Bukowski's funeral

    And the bottled water...geez, that's almost as incongruous as the monks!