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    Fuck Mickey Mouse

    I fucked Mickey Mouse once--but I was drunk at the time.
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    What are you listening to now?

    Captain Beefheart and Roky Erickson
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    Vancouver reading

    About the video quality of the Vancouver disc: I didn't expect the best quality, but are the lines and glitches on the actual film, or do I have a bad DVD? I think it's the former, but I'd like to be sure. Regardless, it's great, despite the assholes in the audience that night.
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    New Bukowski reading DVDs

    Save a whole dollar on each disc - purchase via Ebay Dennis, I can get another bottle. Ordering today.
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    I've seen the name "FrancEyE" in print, but never heard it pronounced. Is it "France-Eye"? "Francie-E"? Or something else?
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    trouble searching ebay

    That happened to all my searches a few weeks ago for a few days, and then it stopped. A little while later I received an email linking to a questionnaire about the experience eBay was trying out for those few days--including questions on whether or not I liked the new landing page setup after a...
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    Expensive BSP CD

    The CD I see on Amazon and other places for a realistic price has a different track list from the CD on eBay and But let me know if a copy of the CD listed on eBay can be had for $15 elsewhere online--I can't find it at that price.
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    is this in "VG" condition?

    I'm relatively new to using the standard guides to rating book condition, but this is definitely not Very Good to Fine. While the cost isn't off the mark, the description is. The water damage really brings down the rating, in my opinion.
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    The new photo on the homepage..

    Well, I did say I'd be in the minority.:cool:
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    A Bukowski line that made you laugh out loud!

    he too knows it's bullshit but that somehow it all helps
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    Ok. I'm scared.

    Valerian's email My original email I sent to Valerian: If Bukowski were alive, he'd slap the crap out of you for butchering his poems with your awful singing. Stop it, and destroy all the CDs--you shouldn't be making any money off of this. Valerian's response: Well, then Bukowski wouldnt mind...
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    Ok. I'm scared.

    Cool song. Great groove. I emailed Valerian Ruminski and received a heartfelt reply. I hope others are emailing him. He seems like such a warm fellow, appreciative of the positive comments we're sharing with him.
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    The new photo on the homepage..

    I'll probably be in the minority, but that pic is awful. It's as if I'm looking into a mirror (I just got up). There has to be a better pic somewhere!
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    Ok. I'm scared.

    If Bukowski were alive, I'd love to see him slap the shit of that guy. Pure junk--except for Buk's words.
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    euthanize my cat??!!

    No problem, 1fsh2fsh. In my memory, my cat will forever walk "through porticoes of my admiration."