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  1. Pogue Mahone

    Sisyphus Leaves: 10 Poems

    Here are the 10 Bukowski poems from Sisyphus Leaves. This chap, which is getting really hard to come by, also featured Richmond and Goodwin. It was printed in 1992 -- I think Goodwin was the publisher. I’m placing it in “First Appearances” but some of the poems may still be uncollected.
  2. mjp


  3. mjp

    Does this make sense?

    Can you let me know if it's clear what's happening here without any (or much) explanation? These are going up on the new site.
  4. mjp

    Bright boy

    From Come On In!
  5. mjp

    the faithful wife

    The faithful wife. Madness becomes depression, and the subject somehow gains 10 pounds in the typical rewrite.
  6. Ponder


    Manuscripts weep - 1976-09-23 - carbon Come On In! - pg. 144 - 2006 weep weep for the indifference of flying fish weep for the absence of long-haired blondes weep for the sadness of yourself weep for Bach...
  7. cirerita

    A real thing, a good woman - Outsider #1, 1961

    Collected in Come On In. There are quite a few changes. Missing lines in the original or missing lines in the reprinted version. Just take a look and compare them.