first editions

  1. radiatedman

    Bukowski Sampler question

    I have a creme colored 2 staple edition that states copyright as 1969 with no publisher listed. I've heard of fakes, but my question is to everyone out there with copies (real/fake whatever) can you post pictures of what the copyright page looks like in your copy? Trying to get to the bottom of...
  2. L

    Importance of DJ to a first edition first printing bukowski?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I am a newer fan of Bukowski. I started reading some of his most popular books about a year ago when I had a bit of down time after getting very sick. He has easily become one of my favorite writers. I am looking to start collecting some of the BSP first...
  3. mjp

    New arrival

    It's "Red guy with piano neck teeth," in case you were wondering. Shown here with "Red and yellow guy on a green background," which we've had for a number of years. And yes, those seem to be the official titles, near as I can tell. Piano neck teeth is in Hot Water Music, and red and yellow...
  4. BluebirdInMy

    Charles Bukowski

    I've seen Bukowski's poems online and through videos on Youtube and now I'd like to purchase some of his literature, now most people would just go to their local Barnes and Noble but I'd like to buy some first editions, can anyone tell me how can you tell a Bukowski book is first edition? Are...