open all night

  1. Pogue Mahone

    Sisyphus Leaves: 10 Poems

    Here are the 10 Bukowski poems from Sisyphus Leaves. This chap, which is getting really hard to come by, also featured Richmond and Goodwin. It was printed in 1992 -- I think Goodwin was the publisher. I’m placing it in “First Appearances” but some of the poems may still be uncollected.
  2. Ponder

    like a movie

  3. David

    "AT&T"/Purr Version, Martinized, Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison has helped me greatly in my work and I don't know where he ended up on the Martin question during the discussion/fracas recently. But I was going through my papers today and found this so thought I'd put it up: Scott listed Purr for sale on ebay back in 2007 and saw the mangling...
  4. mjp

    I'm a failure

    Funny, it's starting to look like the butcher systematically removed references to madness in addition to his full compliment of other moronic habits. In this one, the madness is gone, two lines about drinking excised, and a couple of repeating give/take lines boiled down to IDIOT NORMALITY...
  5. mjp

    Secret Laughter Shining

    Secret Laughter Shining. "Hmm, this one is only nine lines long...I think I'll completely rewrite it!" - The Butcher
  6. mjp

    Good Show

    Good Show. Minor but annoying Martinisims, such as adding "I'd think, "she'd say," etc.
  7. David

    A Poem For The Swingers, A Poem For The Playgirls Of The Universe

    So what happened to this poem after 12-24-74? The published version in Open All Night changes "it appears in their walk/in their eyes/in their laughter and in their/gentleness". The published version is "in their laughter and in their/gentle hearts."