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Did I mention this early reading is fairly dripping with intelligence. Bukowski is very sharp in it. You can sense his huge intellect looming there between the words as he draws out the phrases. I think at some point he stopped taking the readings seriously, realized he didn't have to even try -- that he had his audience in the palm of his hand, and at that point he began faking his way through them, roaring and fumbling and grumbling, and the crowd loved him anyway. But in the early readings he was making an effort and it shows (or rather, you can hear it).


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Don't their website mention where to send donations to?
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I'm downloading it right now. How do we make our contributions? I'd like to send a tenner to the cause.

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Thanks, Father Luke, for the link. I couldn't figure out how to get to the home page from the archives. Also, I was hoping there was some way of telling them which one I was supporting. But supporting their entire effort is worth the ten.

Great resource. Thanks HelmerO8!
Seems they took the free download off their website. Does anyone have a digital copy they can post, or a link for one? I will donate to the station, but it is far less wasteful of resources to download an mp3 than to have a CD made and shipped. Thanks.

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