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that offer is tempting, but i just got finished selling off a bunch of ryden stuff, so i don't want to jump into it just yet. if these don't end up selling, i may send you a PM, though.
Those two are very rare proofs. I wish that I had the money and was not facing a peossible layoff at work (keep your fingers crossed).....

oh man bill... i AM keeping my fingers crossed. i'll ask justine to "manifest" for you- she can make all kinds of shit come to pass.
No problem. Keep it in mind if the book doesn't sell, though that seems unlikely.

I hope you don't get laid-off. With prices what they are these days it's tough raising a family with a job and much tougher without one. Good luck to you.
Thanks Chris & Jordan;
Yes, I'll keep my fingers crossed. I am the sole earner in the house as my wife is going to college and we are expecting a baby in November. Not the best time to have to look for a job.

That Bukowski collection may come up for sale sooner than later. We'll see....

Hang in there Bill. You're the hardest working man in show business, someone would have to have rocks in their head to lay you off before anyone else.
Lay-offs suck. And the end of the year, traditionally,
is when all that goes down.

Congrats on the baby, Bill. We need more Roberts
energy in the world. Lots more.
All my best wishes and positive thoughts go out to you, Bill. IBM has a habit of doing "stealth layoffs" every now and then -- people just sort of disappear, it's spooky. So a lot of us live in near-constant fear of the same thing happening to us.

Here's to staying employed ...
Bill, hang in there. things will all work out, I'm sure.

fingers crossed anyway though, just in case.
They look like nice books Jordan.


Congratulations on the family expansion Bill, and here's hoping things improve in the job front.
Neither is investment banking. (I'm not an earner, by the way. Just a lowly graphic production artist.) My company is laying people off at an accelerated pace and it's only a matter of time-perhaps weeks"”until my number is called. Thanks. Mr. President, for fucking up the economy with your cash sinkhole war.
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Yeah, I'm afraid that internet jobs are not exactly 25-years-and-a-gold-watch propositions either. I hope we don't have to turn this into a jobs forum.
Try working in the environmental field. Federal budget cuts and indifference to major public health issues whilst funneling most funding to global warming because it's a political legacy issue. Not that it may not be an issue, but meanwhile, we still drink water and breathe the air...
Anyone looking to hire a guy to make chapbooks for them?

That is a job that I could sink my teeth into. Sadly, I'd have to move into a refrigerator box and eat from the garbage can.

oh man bill... i AM keeping my fingers crossed. i'll ask justine to "manifest" for you- she can make all kinds of shit come to pass.

this is pretty true. i'm pretty fuckin awesome at manifesting (this is also kind of a private joke) stuff a lot of times. jordan could tell you a few things i've manifested for him (including his hard drive which got stolen and a pair of sunglasses that he searched everywhere for).

congratulations on the new baby, bill!!

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