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2 new ways to spell Bukowski (1 Viewer)

wow.... Very sad.
I have a copy of the Plumed Horn from 1963 here where they spelled his name Bukowsky. That would have really pissed me off if I was Chushy Bucowsci!

This looks signed. I can't be sure and it is not listed tht way. Still, if it is one of the first edition, signed, then it is well worth it.

Anyone else think that it is signed (bottom right).

Also, this is from Sauve, France, which is where Crumb lives. I would not be surprised if someone had Crumb sign this...

Ok, if it's signed then it's another matter. The seller should have taken a pic of the signature...
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The description says "signed." But yeah, without a pic of the signature it's kind of hard to say.
He has many other Crumb signed items. I am sure that this is signed by Crumb and not Bukowski. I would bet that this person is either a Crumb relative or friend. I know that Robert is not on the computer (and never will be). I say that this probably is a neighbor who realized that having him sign items increases their value.

Has anyone asked him?


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