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It's all about the money.

Yes. It Is.
And in the promise of saving time and not posting 25 quotes, I agree with mjp whole heartedly.
I've smoked ciggs since I was 13 and the longest I've quit was 2 weeks.
I "kicked" cocaine and meth. "on my own", all it took was an adult realization that I was going to put my own life, and the lives of my kids, and my Hubby's life,( oh but Yes! he was right in it with me), into the gutter.
All these laws and rules and AA programs are really based on the "fact" that People do not have a genuine personal choice in their lives.(God will save you). Telling people that they need protection from their own selves and CHOICES is the worst thing you can do, because you are saying that they, as individuals, have no power.
I have done my fair share of "bad" drugs. If heroin was offered OTC next to the Nyquil I would not be tempted to buy, and I am the of 'type' that is considered a drug addict. Whatever.
The governement does not care about the well being and health of the people. Drug laws have nothing to do with those issues. I think it is pretty obvious to most pot smokers that booze can be much more detrimentle(sp?) then a few tokes from a doobie.
It really is all bullshit. And most of us know it. People like pigmantoo are caught in the middle in many ways, because they really want to help others but the belief system that they are working within/against just does not work. CRB:)
There is an anonymous group called Fear of Success Anonymous it is where people who fall off the wagon of alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction and others go to. It is some peoples answer (or excuse) to why the can't control their own behavior.
I recently quit drinking and smoking pot (the good kind) and I'm doing fine but I know people who have a very hard time quitting anything.

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