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a few buk books for sale (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
Already on eBay:

Septuagenarian Stew, first trade hardcover, $50. ($50 is the opening bid, but if you want it, just message me and I'll end the auction. Don't bid on it, since I'd rather save the eBay fee.)

Going up on eBay soon:

Bring Me Your Love & There's No Business, $200. BMYL is a first trade hardcover, which is a second printing - the first printing was only the limited hardcover and the paperback. (Although, uncharacteristically, it still has a color title page, so that's nice.) TNB is a first trade edition with yellow cloth spine and very faint fading to the top boards. I'd prefer to sell them a set, but if you only want one, lemme know.

Krumhansl biblio, $45. First trade hardcover.

I'm also still selling the lettered Black Sparrow Press bibliography at $125 (which is the current opening bid on eBay).

Add $5 for shipping, message me to reserve something.

UPDATE: the two biblios are sold. Also @bukdontsurf - for some reason I can't respond to the message you sent me, so thanks for your interest, but these two already sold.
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