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my girlfriend and i just adopted a dog from the shelter,
it's a dalmatian mix (maybe w/ a pit bull) and we're struggling to find the right name for him, if you have any suggestions place don't be afraid to post.
i know it's hard to suggest without a picture.

so far we have:
Yorick and Dante...
originally at the shelter we thought his name was Oreo.

thanks buk forum.
Dogs do well with quick simple names, like slappy, scooter, Kurt and you know.

You have the dog and you will know it when you hear it and the dog responds to it.

Is it a boy or girl.
Luke is a good name.

Are you reading any books about dogs? The Other End of the Leash is excellent as are all the books by those monks in upper state New York.

Oreo is a cats name.
My black Labrador was named Alex when we got him from Lab Rescue. He seemed to respond to it and because he's big and regal-looking we figured that it was short for Alexander the Great. :-) We considered naming him Shadow because of the way he follows us around the house.

I've read that Buddy is the most common dog name in America. I also had a little mutt that I named Pavlov after the scientist who did the experiments with dogs and conditioned response. But I've ALWAYS wanted to name a dog Physician, so that I could say, "Physician, heel thyself!"

When you have had your dog for a while and he's been good

Major Bill2.JPG

You can send him to astronaut school so he can be an astrodog.
What about Snoopy? (I'm sure Charlie Brown won't mind)
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Animals find their own names.

There was a stray cat who found me, and no name
I picked seemed to work with him. He was 100% no
pressure, and a good cat.

Finally I settled on flat tire.

Remember, he was 100% no pressure.

Worked like magic.
Good luck.
I could swear I asked that question like 7 hours ago. I need to start drinking at work so I can post correctly.

While your at it Place holder what's his knickname? Scarface?

That little corgi used to be referred to as Dick Boy but my wife found that to be offensive. Plus it wasn't the same after we got him fixed.
hey all,
sorry, been busy with a life and a dog. (it's a handful.)
we decided to name the dog Dante, he responds best to it.
he's pretty active and has humped me and my girlfriend a total of 7 times now.
i do believe the couch pillows and his stuffed dog toys have had their fair share of doggy style action too. it's been great having him around, it really makes the home environment seem more complete.

thanks everyone.

p.s. i did try and name the dog Buk for a second, but my girlfriend shot me down quick, i think she expected it. :)

we're a little obsessed bunch huh?
Obsessed about a good thing.
Humping your leg is a dominance thing- he's making you his bitch- make him stop that, at least make him stop doing it to you. Read the dog books.

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