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Gerard K H Love

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This movie starts off slow and seems to be boring unless you pay attention. It goes on to be funny, thank goodness. The Coen Bros must have known these people and lived that life. They created, in my opinion, the most irritating villain in Sy Ableman. An obnoxious asshole who oozes of syrupy bullshit and reminded me of a back stabbing car salesman I had the misfortune of working with.
In the movie they use an obscure Jimmie Hendrix song Machine Gun that fits nicely into their weird but believable story. The movie deals with everyday stress in a very intense manner. I liked it but I did have to stop the DVD and start it over only because I started watching it at 4 a.m. and realised I needed a full nights sleep to watch it.
Do you see what happens, Larry, When you FUCK a STRANGER IN THE ASS? If the Coens get involved it'll be a blast. Need to see A Serious Man - typically go to the movies to see anything the Coens put out but let this one slip by.
i saw it, and well, i'm still not sure what to think. definitely good. probably really good. still can't decide. but yea, that sy ableman, what a jackoff.......
This movie is, in a way, the opposite of Lebowski. As a fan of Coen movies I had to adjust and forget my expectations.

The actor Fred Melamed who played the part of Sy Ableman used to be an announcer for the NFL. I remember laughing at old men who dressed like he did when they golfed in the 70s.
This movie is, in a way, the opposite of Lebowski. As a fan of Coen movies I had to adjust and forget my expectations.

Gerard, just watched this and see where you are coming from with it being the opposite of Lebowski. One thing I've always liked with Coen films is I can never predict where they are taking me - just have to wait it out and see where they go. Certainly a film to give thought to...
Well, I love the Coen brothers too, but this one missed the mark for me.


When the old rabbi started quoting the Jefferson Airplane lyrics, I almost bailed out. That was too much of a "Coen Moment" for me. It just felt too self-aware. As if they were purposely putting in a scene that Baby Boomers will surely talk about first when they discuss the film.

But I did enjoy the final shot and its mix of the foreboding and the ambiguous.
I just took it that the rabbi was slightly senile. In another scene where the father wishes to seek the rabbi's counsel, the rabbi's secretary states he's busy and all he's doing is sitting at his desk staring off in to space.
He was busy thinking. I thought the rabbi reciting the Jefferson Airplane was just him being senile which made sense. Since they made such a big deal out of being able to speak with him was funnier because of that.

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