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So I was reading this poem, and he mentions working at the Nabisco plant and that he was from out of town, so I did a little Googling to see where Nabisco had plants back in the day and found one in Philadelphia, about two and a half miles from his known Philadelphia addresses.

The Nabisco plant moved 15 miles southwest in the 50s and is still operating, but owned by Kraft Foods now. What's funny though is the old Nabisco factory from the 40s is still there, near Bukowski's old addresses, so we get to see a little glimpse into the hazy Bukowski past...


I added it to the timeline, but I have no way of knowing which time he was in Philadelphia he worked at Nabisco. So I added it to the earlier time, since that stint at Fairmont Motors looks pretty long, and it's likely he had jobs other than that one while he was there.

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