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...slapped in the face and spit on...someone telling me how a keyboard is laid out. Another says they can smell my stink...they don't get my point at all...your comments are entirely out or order and unforgivable...you stood up and took a piss all over my diner plate...you will never..I mean never see me post anything ever again...
That was just their way of saying they love you.

Sorry man, the red carpet is not rolled out for anyone. Really though, you generally only have to take abuse for a day or two, then one of two things happens; you lose your mind, or everyone says, "Oh, okay, he's all right."

If you lose your mind, the initial abuse just seems justified. If you don't lose your mind you and everyone else eventually get over it. It's not Thunderdome. Two men enter, but two men can leave. Unless you lose your mind. Then, two men enter; one man leaves.

Just a little how-to for anyone else who wants to say 'hi.'

Listen all!
This is the truth of it.
Fighting leads to killing, and killing gets to warring.
And that was damn near the death of us all.
Look at us now! Busted up, and everyone talking about hard rain!
But we've learned, by the dust of them all...Bartertown learned.
Now, when men get to fighting, it happens here, and it finishes here!
Two men enter; one man leaves.
Now you have me wanting to see Thunderdome again. Thanks, I guess. I can't remember if it was any good, but I have to see it.
In the mighty trilogy of Road Warrior movies it comes in a distant third, but it has its great moments. Your best bet would be to waste an entire day watching all three. ;)

You know, that or Lord of the Rings. Same thing.

The only time I see it though, is when someone comes in with an attitude or an agenda. In which case, I have no problem with them being shown the door.

Having said that, I don't think toastedtwice came in with an attitude or an agenda. He did, however, come in with a very thin skin, and honestly, something would have offended him sooner or later and we would have had the same dramatic proclamations on his exit.

If it was overly friendly here, I think it would be disingenuous. As it is, a lot of people who I believe do not belong here make it just fine because they don't bust in through the wall waving their dicks at everyone. And a lot of people who would probably be good contributors flame out because they fail to get a feel for the room, so to speak.

This isn't behavior specific to this forum. It is something that happens in the majority of forums or on line groups that are around long enough.
I had some sesame bread yesterday and I toasted it twice. It was better that way. It made the sesame flavor fill the room.
I'm sorry we made that guy feel like his dinner was pissed in. I hope he gets over it. These are only words on the internet.
I don't know if it's true but I've heard that if the Hate Speech Bill passes and you say something online that hurts someone's feelings, it's a crime, you're a terrorist, they take you off to a secret prison and torture you, etc. Seems like that would fill up the sceret prisons pretty fast. Or maybe I shouldn't listen to the radio stations that say such things.
I hate it when I both agree with



I don't know if it's true but I've heard that if the Hate Speech Bill passes and you say something online that hurts someone's feelings, it's a crime, you're a terrorist, they take you off to a secret prison and torture you, etc. Seems like that would fill up the sceret prisons pretty fast. Or maybe I shouldn't listen to the radio stations that say such things.

You must be listening to FOX or the Family Station... These are arguments that they make, but are not true. They say that Religious leaders will not be allowed to rail against homosexuality, for example, and can be arrested for doing so. Not true. This is the same tactic that they use in the "war on Christians", where not allowing a manger scene or the Ten Commandments in a public building is because "they" hate Christianity. In fact, I believe that religion has no place in public buildings. If you are going to allow the Ten Commandments in a building owned by us all, you have to allow the Koran, Torah and, in fact, every religious relic from every fringe religion. That is why it is best to keep it out of there. There are troops in Iraq that can now have satanic prayer services because the Evangelicals pushed for their prayer sessions. If you let one, you have to let them all.

Still, back to the topic. Speech is protected, even hate speech. Now when that hate speech calls for action that violates law, then it is not protected.

The KKK can still march and cannot be arrested for their ignorance.

This is like calling the continued banning of Gay Marriage "Protection of Marriage". They make it look like they are being assaulted to rally the troops. Gay people being married does not hurt "traditional marriage" any more than inter-racial marriage hurts people of the same race that choose to marry.

It is all a con and a way to make the masses feel threatened into action.

Buke would hate them all....

Speech is protected, even hate speech.

Really? Over here they call hate speech discrimination and there's a law against it. For instance, you can't say in public, "The XXX breeds like rats", as one of our right-wing politicians once said about the Muslim immigrants here. If you do you'll risk getting a fine or worse.
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Not Fox -- some fringey podcast station. Political conspiracy talk and paranoia frenzy to rot my brain all day as I crunch numbers. No wonder I skulk along like I'm about to be mugged by Nazis. Fear is my natural state. Anyway, it's reassuring to hear it is not true about the hate bill banning mean web posts. I may listen to a lot of crap, but I don't necessarily believe it all.

Now those filthy XXX! They are not to be trusted!

By the way, we may not always agree on political issues, but I am always amazed at how well informed you are, while I generally have a lot of half-baked notions based on half-truths, so I do not take my own opinions very seriously.
well, it's a shame you won't post anymore (don't know if you'll read this or not), given that you do have some insight into the book trade that has a place here. still, i can't back off and say hey you just caught me being nasty, because i do think you came across as rude, especially in your post "correcting" barker - who had not even missed your point in the first place. whatever, i suppose i shouldn't bother bidding on your ebay auctions in the future (assuming i'm correct about which seller on eBay you are), which is really my loss for being so quick to judge. here's the thing, though - i got a private message a few days after i joined this site telling me i was being an asshole and to shut up, and i *gasp* took their advice, apologized, humbled myself, and have had a great time on this site (i even met my wife here - not saying it will happen for you, but hey). sorry it comes across as pissing on your dinner plate - i'm sure if i got to know you in real life or on cyberspace, we'd get along just fine, i just didn't get a great first impression. as long as you're done on the site, thanks for stopping by.
never trust a man who can't tell the difference between your and you're.

this advice has always served me well.

also: we don't like seeing our friends here condescended to, in any way. personally, i think you teach people how to treat you, and if we just let someone come in and right off the bat talk down to our friends, then it's the same as saying YEP IT'S COOL JUST COME RIGHT IN AND SHIT ALL OVER US.
i should add that i can't count the number of times i've been misinterpreted and made a bad first impression... i'd have almost no lasting friends, online or otherwise, if i threw up my hands and stormed off every time. jeez.
I hadn't gone through ABE for a couple years until just recently and had no issues with them before. A couple weeks ago, I ordered BSP editions of 7 Buk titles and was sent the Ecco editions for 4 of them despite the packing slip accompanying the books stating BSP. Sigh. Most disappointing.
That sucks. The BSP copies are much higher quality and spending the time to return them just costs you even more:

"I´ve given you my time. Its all I´ve got to give - its all any man has."
I found a solution: contact the seller and double check which version they have. Zero issues since. In hindsight, I probably should have done that from the beginning.
Honestly, those are big warehouse sellers and the workers just don't have the time for accuracy.

Tip for everyone: Never buy a book on ABE with a stock photo before inquiring first. Those same sellers are on ABE... and Amazon.
Also, don't buy a book on eBay that has a stock photo. I did it once and instead of getting the limited, signed edition of the book (which was shown in the photo), I got the regular, unsigned version.

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