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Hello people,
Give me advice please. My problem is described below.
I'm young man. I have a strange kind of acne. Strange because I've tried many methods to clear my skin with no result.
I want find the way to make my skin clear and health.
Does anyone have such problems?
What kind of acne treatment do you use? And what about result?
Can you suggest me treatment which will be efficient for my skin?
I'm really need your advice for it!

Thank you,
The best treatment is to read Buk's collected works. By the time you are finished you should have grown out of it...spammer!
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If it's spam, it's pretty bad spam. Ha. Unless he's intending to come back and post links to the product he suddenly "finds."
lol, diddy uses pro-active solution. and i've heard that jessica simpson has seen amazing results with said solution. either that or go on a popping spree and wrap your head in toilet paper until the pustules subside with drainage. LOL
either way
i think the guy was chased off
and sometimes i wonder if he might have been
some desperate young fellow
with a bonafide case
of acne vulgaris
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