Against The American Dream: Essays on Bukowski (1 Viewer)

Standing in the hospital canteen queue yesterday, I had an overwhelming desire to throw a bread roll at the back of the head of someone (in particular and not for nothing) I didn't, mainly because the place was packed, I have the same urge now with you Pogue... honestly!
[like 'against the american dream..' but the price to import it, plus taxes, to brazil is really too expensive for me.
I can send you the book, if you like, just message the address, I'm done with it. Chapter 5 is interesting especially in relation to Post Office etc...
One thing though; Harrison keeps referring to Fordism and makes no reference to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, still annoys me today:)
All the best with you work and fingers crossed for Brazil in the World Cup.
... tranny-lovin' bastard!
...and aren't your colloqialisms gathering apace, I'm impressed.

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