Against The American Dream: Essays on Bukowski

hey, man! Unfortunately, i didn't find it. Maybe, try some other ways. I remember I gathered the information little by little from a variety of sources. it was really tough, but I made it eventually. After all, I managed to get quite large collection of materials on Bukowski. If you need some - just let me know, probably I'll be able to help you somehow
thanks for offering your help, I can't refuse it. I'm looking for materials about Post Office, articles, reviews, books all that. I know there is some good books about bukowski, like 'against the american dream..' but the price to import it, plus taxes, to brazil is really too expensive for me. well, if you have anything that might help me I'll be grateful for it. I'll send you my email in direct message.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
You have people from all over the world coming to your little piss hole from hell. If you were smarter, you'd have cases of PBR, crates of Trojans, and made-in-China Ray Bans to sell. You could have the greatest Bukowski collection on Earth after a day, but you're a sub-normal idiot...
Concur. There are more than enough reasons to disagree with what some folks ask for around here, but Filipe hasn't exactly stood out as a miscreant. On the other hand, Mr. Mahone, you've admitted publicly to attempting to corner the market on certain Bukowski publications by overpaying for multiple copies of them on ebay and/or other venues.

So, there's that.


And in the end...
Standing in the hospital canteen queue yesterday, I had an overwhelming desire to throw a bread roll at the back of the head of someone (in particular and not for nothing) I didn't, mainly because the place was packed, I have the same urge now with you Pogue... honestly!
[like 'against the american dream..' but the price to import it, plus taxes, to brazil is really too expensive for me.
I can send you the book, if you like, just message the address, I'm done with it. Chapter 5 is interesting especially in relation to Post Office etc...
One thing though; Harrison keeps referring to Fordism and makes no reference to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, still annoys me today:)
All the best with you work and fingers crossed for Brazil in the World Cup.
... tranny-lovin' bastard!
...and aren't your colloqialisms gathering apace, I'm impressed.
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