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I'm Joseph Ridgwell, underground writer from over the pond. I have a few signed copies of my debut novel, Last Days of the Cross, published in limited edition by Grievous Jones Press in 2009 to sell.

The signed copies, with some weirdie extras, are £20 plus postage. There are five available, paperback first edition.

I also have one copy of my highly sort after slim volume of poetry, Lost Elation, published in 2010 by New Zealand's Kilmog Press to sell. This came in hardback, handsewn, and only 50 copies were made. It's signed, it includes extras, and will set you back £75, plus postage

If you like Old Cool, you'll like my shit. If not, so be it, but don't expect a refund as I will have already spent your dough in the boozer, with a wry smile on my lucky lips as I raise the elbow.

If crazy and with balls a quarter the size of mine send the funds via paypal to [email protected]

Joe R

Here are some grainy pics of the covers.

balls a quarter the size of mine...
I don't know, man. My balls are pretty large. I really can't imagine balls four times the size of mine. I think such balls would be pictured in a medical textbook, and whoever was cursed with them would be virtually unable to walk upright.

And underwear - where on earth would you find any to hold those things?

It seems implausible, I have to say.
Your three testicles combined, Hooch, should just about equate to a quarter the size of my pavement scrapers. Feel free to order copies of my books.

Mark, without a dictionary to hand, I have no idea what you mean? Actually, my Websters dictionary, bound in Moroccan leather, is only two feet away in a bookcase, but I'm loathe to travel that short distance at this hour...
Finally, Joe, you show your ugly mug around here! Had this thread ended up in the SUPPORT THE SMALL PRESS section, you'd've found my bragging up your work this year.

As for balls--mine hang from the back of my dually-axel monster truck. For posterity's sake I've also mounted a dong on the grill. People can't wait to get away from me at stop lights...
man, Hosh, I should've have posted this is support small presses, as they need SUPPORT, but I'm new to this online shrine to all things BUK, and just feeling my way around. Looks kinda groovy, but boozy now and getting sleepy, so will return on the morrow.

MJP: You're a funny guy, did anyone ever tell you that? You're a funny guy. All writers need a funny bone, with a comical fibula a writer can go a long way. Did I ever tell you my snail joke...what about the one about the Englishman, the Irishman and the Korean...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

By the way my mug can in no way be described as ugly, I have a very handsome mug, a beautiful mug, a pretty boy mug, a mug to rival Mona Lisa's, a mug to outshine all other mugs, a mug to...time for my tablet, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Okay,'re pretty.

And you're books are a fine read as well. Welcome to the finest source of Bukowski scholarship on the planet...if these folks don't know the answer, I'm pretty sure almost no one does. Check out the link to the original manuscripts...especially as compared to the posthumous books...
Couldn't sleep. I got up to google the use of an old word--to see if it had ever been adjective-ified.

I know, I know--truly a rock-and-roll life I'm living...
Yes. Support the small press, All things Bukowski, Unpublished and Uncollected, All things Bukowski and Books, magazines, publications all feed automatically to this. They have been since April, but it wasn't until November that I started focusing on Twitter and driving people to the feed, so the number of followers has been steadily increasing. As the Twitter followers increase, the site visitors increase.

Does it invite a crowd that may not have been around before? Probably. The forum also now prompts unregistered visitors to register, and registered users with no posts to post. So it may be asking for trouble, but it may also keep things lively. In one way or another.
I am. In real life, the few great people I know are always worth the whole bunch of shitheads around me, even though the rate may be 1000:2. I wouldn't want to miss any of the good persons. They enrich my life. (is there a word like enrich?)
does anyone really suppose that a great twat would find its way to buknet? holy shit i literally just saw a pig fly as i was writing this. what do they put in the teabags around here?

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