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I recently came across an old post where I said I'd never (in a million years!) implement any advertising on the site including Amazon affiliate links. But I must have been drunk when I said that, because as you may already be aware, I have indeed been using Amazon links for a while now. Primarily on the main site, but here in the forum also. So in the spirit of transparency I'm posting the earnings from those links here, and I'll update it at the end of every quarter. Or whenever I remember to do it.

You'll mainly see the links on the timeline, the checklist and the book ranking pages. If someone clicks one of those links and buys something, a referral fee comes my way. I implemented the links because it's easy to do, unobtrusive, relevant (they are links to the books being mentioned) and it doesn't cost a site visitor anything. If those nickels and dimes are there, and they are giving them away for a link, we may as well take them.

It's worth noting that 2014 was the first year that the money from Amazon paid all of the bills for the forum and main site (currently $850+ per year). And even then, just barely, since I have to pay taxes on the income. So there you go.

Beginning in 2016 ABE Books affiliate links have also been added to the site and forum. I'll add those payments to the report here at some point.


2008 Q4: 12.63, 2009 Q1: 31.78, 2009 Q2: 46.73, 2009 Q3: 44.68, 2009 Q4: 16.23, 2010 Q1: 54.93, 2010 Q2: 40.17, 2010 Q3: 70.65, 2010 Q4: 78.21, 2011 Q1: 113.54, 2011 Q2: 48.67, 2011 Q3: 29.02, 2011 Q4: 10.27, 2012 Q1: 78.34, 2012 Q2: 42.13, 2012 Q3: 61.74, 2012 Q4: 44.66, 2013 Q1: 129.56, 2013 Q2: 65.99, 2013 Q3: 89.56, 2013 Q4: 109.86, 2014 Q1: 113.83, 2014 Q2: 223.55, 2014 Q3: 371.50, 2014 Q4: 356.88, 2015 Q1: 296.31, 2015 Q2: 252.06, 2015 Q3: 228.05, 2015 Q4: 257.69, 2016 Q1: 202.36, 2016 Q2: 142.67, 2016 Q3: 170.33, 2016 Q4: 157.01, 2017 Q1: 170.57, 2017 Q2: $160.78, 2017 Q3: $133.91, 2017 Q4: $122.98, 2018 Q1: $151.80, 2018 Q2: 80.09, 2018 Q3: 72.85, 2018 Q4: $71.33, 2019 Q1: $74.89, 2019 Q2: $85.96, 2019 Q3: $65.49, 2019 Q4: $49.74, 2020 Q1: $72.41, 2020 Q2: $111.45, 2020 Q3: $92.58
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Turn and it turns with you.
Isn't that what's supposed to happen?

On a tablet or phone, make sure you're using the mobile theme.

If money ever is an obstacle to continue this site...
I don't anticipate it ever being an obstacle or a problem, but I'm sure a lot of people pushing shopping carts with all of their belongings in them around the streets of Los Angeles thought the same at one time.

I don't even think about the Amazon money very often, but when I saw that old thread I thought it best to say all of this myself before someone said it for me and called me a liar.

Don't get me wrong, I am a liar, just not about this.
I think it's all good. Gently push our impulse buying to good books, and benefit this site.
By the way, has anyone read the citylight's anniversary edition of the poetry pocket series? Any good? Do you have a link?
City Lights printed "City Lights Pocket Poets Anthology" in 1995 as well. I don't see the need for a new 60th anniversary edition. Hopefully it doesn't just regurgitate the same poems and excerpts.

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