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Cats are a food group? My list is:

1) Caffeine
2) Sugar
3) Grease
4) Alcohol

but you live in a different part of the country so maybe you have other things to eat.
Oh man, please tell me this didn't begin with the Beatles or Stones post I started. (I know how mjp likes to split threads) :eek: I can't be held responsible for the ugly turn it might've taken. (now I know how Kurt Cobain felt)

If anyone's looking for me, I'll be up in the quest house ... click
Pink Floyd's THE WALL needs to be here.

For many, many reasons.

I'm not quite sure if I'd classify it as a musical, as I don't know how to classify it. Like much of Floyd's music...

(CRB, saw you mentioned this in another post. I almost posted this here yesterday, but got caught up in life's entanglements...great suggestion; methinks here is the place. So tear it up; or tear it down...)



oh yeah .. can't forget this..
and this classic
Ah this brings back memories....:)

oh yeah sings
I remember seeing Tommy for the first time when I was like 8 or nine years old. It was when HBO was still called Hollywood Home Theater. I stood in front of that TV for 2 hours with my jaw on the ground. Uncle Ernie; The Acid Queen; Anne Margret humping pillows while covered in baked beans... No child should be exposed to such things:eek: It really freaked me out in a totally fascinated way, I believe it may have led to my delinquincy...;)
I still love the songs, and will watch it whenever it is on.CRB:)
Yes Tommy was always one of my fav's. With that being said, I can't believe that we are 50 post's into this thread without mention of Hedwig and the Angry Inch! It doesn't get much better then that.......
I watched Nine, finally, with Daniel Day Lewis... and, well, yes the music was horrible and ridiculous and Contini would turn over in his grave. But the story line, and the direction of it I actually enjoyed. But that's a whole nother thread again. However - it fits, as it is a musical, just a bad one.
Only an Irishman and an Italian
could choreograph this one
without turning gay

or maybe the vino
holds some dark secrets...

[This video is unavailable.]
I had season tickets to the ahmanson and mark taper forum for a few years, and caught the Sweeny Tood production back in 2008(cast pictured below.) I thought it was horrible, almost couldn't stand to finish it. The Burton movie, of course I loved. But I'm sure Burton could film Johnny Depp blowing his nose and I scream OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that, don't know much else about musicals, well except Grease the movie is one of my all time faves!

We watched about 90 seconds of that Burton movie (Sweeny Todd) last weekend, looked at each other, turned it off and sent it back to Netflix.
we managed to sit through the entire thing, but we were in a theatre and paid for the tickets and popcorn, etc. we weren't going anywhere. but we were tempted.

my wife has Johnny Depp fever and the only cure? more Johnny Depp! but she didn't like it.

I'm starting to think Depp can't act anymore unless he's covered in makeup and some odd costume and is impersonating a drag queen.
We watched about 90 seconds of that Burton movie (Sweeny Todd) last weekend, looked at each other, turned it off and sent it back to Netflix.

Oh, you must have had the TV on mute, try it again with the sound on. ;)

And hooch, Depp can't act without makeup anymore? Wow, wow, wow, wow, and Kobe Bryant can't dominate the nba anymore either. ;)
I not saying he can't, but it's been a while since I've seen it.

and yes, go Celtics.

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