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Another Destroyed Abomination on Ebay (1 Viewer)

you may piss someone off who didn't want this affordable copy brought to the attention of everyone on the forum. just sayin'...
As Chronic states on his site "good isn't good."

In bookseller's grading terms, anything below very good is not very collectible (unless it's a Gutenberg bible or something). Problem is that some sellers state "good" as a general statement (in bookseller's terms probably more like very good) and others use the more strict bookseller's terms.

To me, that copy is more or less "good." Keep in mind that there's only one way for a book to be mint, but there are multiple reasons why it could grade as "good."
how is that an abomination? it's in bad condition, but is it so wrong to sell it with the starting bid for $1? i understand the snootiness when someone lists a book like that for $500 (like that post office for $1395 or whatever), but i think the seller is doing the right thing by letting the marketplace decide the price. shit, i'd buy it for more than the current bid.
i hope i didnt offend anyone with my post.
what's the most that this particular book is worth (in your opinion)?
that's the way i should have phrased it.
no, definitely not offended- i guess i thought you were making fun of the seller for selling a beat-up book, but maybe you weren't.

i'd pay $40 for this. it has buk's signature, which to me is always worth at least that much. also, i love the loujon books, and i would kinda like to have one that i could actually handle without being paranoid about ruining it.

i am going to place a bet that this copy sells for $90. we'll see after the auction how close i was. anyone else care to hazard a guess?
Well, Socratease wasn't the one who posted this thread, and his question was legit to me (what does good mean?). I'd probably pay as much as $50 for it. And I agree, the seller did the right thing by letting the market decide.

I would guess that it could go for near the $90 jordan quoted.
I really want to win this, can nobody else bid, please...

Ok JK, well I do really want to win it, but I'm sure it will go for more than I can afford to pay.
I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up going for over $100. This may serve as an example of what happens when people bid early, then get caught up in the bidding process and drive a price up.

I know that a lot of people have different opinions on 'sniping', but it does eliminate the competitive aspect where people keep placing more and more bids, exceeding what they were initially willing to pay. It's good for the seller, though.
I can also imagine that it will go up, even to $150.
I would have to pull weeds out of a garden for a whole day to bid on it.
Where are my fucking knee pads?;)
The signature is so pretty.
On May-25-09 at 13:39:30 PDT, seller added the following information:

Ha. He appears to be a smartass, as an added bonus.

I don't think the book is that trashed, really. But at the bargain prices a pristine copy goes for these days I'm actually kind of surprised it's up to $76.00 already.

But maybe I'm just feeling bitter, having decided to "sleep on" a Buy it Now item that was sold when I got up this morning. Could have had something for $30 that I'll probably end up spending $80 on now. Let my misfortune be a lesson to you.
Looks like i***a and d***d are locked in a duel to the death.

With just under a day and a half to run, who will win and will there be a last second spoiler?
Or maybe someone is fucking with him. If not, I predict a severe case of buyers remorse next time the winner sees a perfect copy sell for a few dollars more than they paid for this ramshackle mess.
I paid about $175 for a MINT copy that was signed, dated and he wrote New Orleans, LA under his name.

Someone wants this torn up book bad. Yes, for another $50 they could get a really nice one... Sad.

I saw a rain-soaked and wrinkled (not to mention stained) copy of a rare book of poems bring $600 on eBay while a good copy (torn spine but that's normal for this title) usually gets $300. But being cheap, I waited and found a very good copy for $30, with no torn spine. An old author, not Bukowski, but it shows how people will bid up a shabby copy of a book they really want.

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