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Bargains on ebay!!!! (1 Viewer)

I think a***a has secured 2 great bargains in the last week on ebay.

A fine copy of It Catches for $562.69.

And then today - bargain of the year - a fine copy of Barfly - also signed by Rourke, Dunaway and Schroeder (only 140 made) for $276.69.

In my opinion, they are great buys and a massive reduction to what you would have expected to pay 12 months ago.

If he is on the site - well done.
Yes, the economy is bad. There were two other copies of Barfly 1/140 on ebay at the time. I seem to think that they were $500 and $850, so no surprise that a third one with a low starting price would sell so low.

People need to pay their rent.

Easily, bargain of the year, for me, would have to be picking up a signed and #'d copy of Post Office on Amazon from a seller who said he bought it 38 years ago, and never even opened it up, hence, he never noticed that it was signed.
I snagged it after he described the design of the spine cloth to me. "it has stars.."

I picked it up for $24.
It's in a lot better condition than the one that's currently on eBay right now, too.
....alright, I'm done.
True story.

As a 'rule of thumb' I never buy anything on Amazon.
But one night I randomly decided to check to see what was on there, in regards to Buk stuff.
This particular seller that I bought the hard cover from, listed his copy under soft covers.
I've seen this happen more than once too.
Needless to say, it was a done deal when he described the physicality of the book for me.
I don't think I'm going to be that lucky ever again.
Unless, the seller finds that other "..book of poems by him from the late 60s" that is somewhere within his library.

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