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I've never seen one of these:


30 only...
That's tempting.
I have an odd one of the remaining 750.
A normal looking BSP first with a black cloth backstrip.
AK states it should have a pink corduroy (ew!) backstrip.

But we've covered this elsewhere. These things happened at BSP occasionally.

Should I buy it?
Damn! I set up a snipe for $40.00. I guess that was too low, huh?
$40 might have been a little low, yeah. Heh. I think ROC got it for $110 or $120? If my memory serves me. All I remember is I kicked myself for not outbidding him, because it's an unusual little item, and I thought it would go for more.

...how long till you put it back on eBay.
Never! ;)
I paid 125USD for the BSP first edition and 155.5USD for the Paget Press edition.
As I wrote above, many years ago (1986?) I bought a BSP first edition of this title that has the black cloth backstrip (as only the Pagets were supposed to have). It was only 20AUD.

So now I have three copies of this great book!

It's a worry.

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