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I just "stumbled upon" this site, but I was heavily into Bukowski in the 70s. Somewhere I think I have a tape I made of a poetry reading he did in Chicago, circa 1975, and I am almost positive I have a review of the reading published in Triad, a now-defunct Chicago rock magazine, which I ran at the time. As I recall he was flying, putting down a lot of wine during the show, and quite a few in the crowd were even more drunk. In short, a classic Bukowski night.

Anyway, if anybody's interested, I'll look for it, and figure out how to upload it here.
hmm... if i were a bigger asshole, i'd start a bunch of fake accounts and say shit like,

"hi, i have a copy of this shitty magazine called "write", and there's a bukowski story in it... anyone interested?"
Sorry, my computer totally crashed shortly after I started this thread, and I was out of town last week, so I just haven't had time to look for it. Please bear with me. Not trying to be an asshole but I guess sometimes we end up becoming one anyway. I am 99% sure I have the article stashed in the attic, but not that sure I can find the tape.
Found the article, at least

I finally found the article. Thanks for your patience.
I haven't found the tape yet, though.

I just tried to attach the pdf files but they were too large.
I will rescan at a lower resolution and try to make them smaller.
Great! - We'll be looking forward to reading the review of the reading...
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wow, wonder what that plastic ring from the six-packs that he kissed and threw into the audience would go for on ebay these days?

it's probably long gone. or in some collection.

great article. thanks scar. now find that damned tape.
I have searched everywhere for the tape, with no luck. Found about 20 tapes with no labels, and just finished listening to them, too.
mjp, have you had a chance to listen to that cassette you had from eBay yet?
Ah, the '77 Santa Barbara, I haven't actually. I have to get into my time machine and find a good cassette deck... ;)

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