Anybody happen to know who Bukowski is reffering to in this? (1 Viewer)

I think I have a 2006 printing of Notes of a Dirty Old Man(there is no actual year given of this book's printing in
my copy).
I need for someone to explain to me who Bukowski is referring to in the article starting
on pg. 70. It's an article that refers to a "Mr. Business Man" and uses the phrase, "You better tend to business, Mr. Business Man" several times.
Also, if you could give me the date that this article was published, that would be great too.
I always thought that this was just one of those random phrases that can sometimes rattle around inside one's skull until it goes away. I don't think Buk was actually referring to anyone in particular. I may be wrong.
Well he's misquoting lyrics from a song: Ray Stevens - Mr. Businessman

You better, Take care of business Mr. Businessman
What's your plan?
Get down to business Mr. Businessman if you can
Before it's too late
And you throw your life away

And I see you found the thread which reveals the original publication in Open City Aug 1968.

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