Anyone else into Céline even more than Buk? (1 Viewer)



He was right: the first is the best; forget the rest. I just tried Normance; it's the same elliptical style as Death On the Installment Plan and every subsequent book he wrote. But, seriously, Journey to the End of the Night is no joke--that book devastated me. I'm far more obsessed with it than I ever was with Buk. I've read both translations, multiple times and it gets better every time, filling in new cracks the heart has made.

"Everything at such moments adds to your wretched insufficiency, forcing you in your weakness to see things, people and the future as they are--that is to say as skeletons, nothing but ciphers, which nevertheless you will have to love, cherish, defend and encourage as if they really existed." --Céline
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I enjoyed Journey immensely. Of course, I'm only able to read the english translation, so I've always wondered what, or how much I really lost from the original language/text. I haven't read it in probably 10 years, so I probably need to re-visit it soon. However to your original question, Celine doesn't compare to Buk, of course in my opinion. Living here, around these streets my whole life, I think just made it easier to relate to Buk. But Celine's books all sit on my shelf. Just can't compare him to Buk, for me.

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