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Father Luke

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Okay, in case you missed it. . .
I'll be on the radio with Debbie Kirk.


That's Debbie Kirk there on the left,
and me, secure in the seat of honor on the right.

Click here for details: H E R E

Good news bad news:

Bad news: The woman running the radio show doesn't open her lines. So no call-ins.

Good news: You won't have to tune in, because the show will be archived.

My own personal bias is that I can't see that hecklers wouldn't make for
anything but a great show. But hey, she wants a real interview.

We'll see what happens.

Thanks for letting me spam a bit.

- -


I think that I think too much
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F.L. can't wait to here you on the air. I just wonder if I'll be as suprised to hear your voice as I was when I first heard Buk's, kind of like the opposite of seeing a dj that youv'e listened to and have formed mental picture of thier looks. or whatever.......

Gerard K H Love

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Father Luke;
You lived in a nice house when you were little. Little Debbie will do that to you on the air...
I'm sure you will do just fine without any unwanted obnoxious comments. Don't worry we will be there listening. Or if you want to make sure, just give us your cell phone number and we can call you.
As far as your voice I hear helium works wonders. Luke! You're a good ol' boy? Are you going to read Betty and Wilma?


Going back what now, 20 years?

I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecue iguana.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Finally, someone (2 of you actually) gets one of my obscure references.

That song has been in my head all day.

Father Luke

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A wunnerful a wunnerful.

I knew a girl that couldn't get songs out of her head all day when
you said a lyric. It was a thing with her.

I was hoping MULLINAX would sing tiny bubbles.

Not that he's a girl.

- -
Father Luke
My mother saw Don Ho before he passed.

Said he was allright but when he did "Tiny Bubbles" he said, "Well, I guess you wanta hear this one," and gave a heaf heated rendition.

Who could blame him?

Better than this post, at least.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
I guess Debbie was being a lady. Or girls don't get into cartoons like guys do. I was surprised Father Luke read that just for us. I liked Betty Boop.;)
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Father Luke's voice sounds just as I imagined it would, and his wit and intelligence showed through.

Though I must admit that most of time I felt I was at a party somewhere and DEBBIE KIRK was screaming in my ear while Father Luke and show host Jane Crown were off in a corner having a conversation I could only hear parts of...


I think that I think too much
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yep, exactly what MJP said... one thing I wondered about tho, Santa Cruz has mosquitos?


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Yes, the sound was quite a problem. When Debbie talked you had to turn the volume down - and back up again when FL and Jane talked. I sat with my hand on the volume botton for the whole show...:D

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