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No mass market prints have been made (unless you count the books published later on by BSP where they reproduce the same drawing/painting in every copy).

Sadly, we are limited to the rare and (now very) expensive originals.

I would like to see a 'collected paintings & drawings' book put out, but I imagine seeing them all together... I don't know... I think they'd lose their impact.
There has been interest in putting out a book of Bukowski's art, but it seems as if it would be difficult to collect the strongest pieces, seeing as the work is scattered among hundreds of private collectors. It may happen - it should happen - but it seems unlikely.
That book of Montforts collection was great.The biggest Bukowski collection that i ever saw.It did not loose impact for me to see that big collection in one book.In fact, it made me hide the book so i could keep my sanity.Have not been able to find it since.

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