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Sold Art (1 Viewer)

As pictured excellent condition

126 created

$SOLD shipped CONUS
Paypal gift, cash, check, MO




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Very nice. Thanks for including pics and not being retarded in general. People here generally like you to make a contribution before selling shit, but I'm gonna give you a pass.

Others may not...
I think I am a pretty boring person and I don't have much to say these days.
When I was in my late twenties I moved to Monterey for a job, and riding my bike down Hwy 1 encountered the Henry Miller library. In Lighthouse Books in Pacific Grove I picked up a copy of Tropic of Cancer and it changed my life.

I grew up in the South and came from a broken home, spend 2.5 years in the mental ward (thanks mom) and rebuilt my life using coke, weed, and booze. I finally moved to CA in 1989, met a great gal, and began a career in cycling for about 20 years. I started to collect books as my travels took me all over the place, and Reds became a favorite when I visited LA. I actually lived for a year not too far from his place but never knew about it. My brother, an aspiring actor, noticed it once going to an audition and turned me on to it. Spent a lot of dough there.

Came to Buk sometime back then and certainly identified with his lifestyle and disease.

I finally got sober in 1995 in Carlsbad, and various moves took us to Seattle, and now OH. I went back to school at age 47 and am currently employed as an ED RN in our local hospital.

I read more internet forums than I do anything else these days and on occasion pick up an old book for a trip through memory lane. I am attempting to get my 16 year old interested in some of it and that remains a challenge.

And so it goes.
Good job selling that one, a nice piece.

Please stick around if you'd like to learn more about dear old Mr. Bukowski.

We're not always right, but we're always opinionated.

Personally, I thought that was very fair price for that particular version of Art, of which there are some 4-5 versions. I have one of those and while it's not in my financial interest to do so, I can't resist pulling it out of the slipcase and gently thumbing through every once in a while.

Welcome indeed. Nice input - we aren't always the most welcoming lot, but when confronted with a genuine post, we have no choice but to remain civilized. :wb:
Even though I wouldn't buy it at that prize, I think that's reasonable.
(it's one of the very few items that Linda B. only touches with white gloves.)

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