Barbara Fry wrote poetry too


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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That "poem" makes me think Barbara
Thanks for sharing C. !
(I mean it! ;))
The reference to Borodin is interesting.
Buk's poem was published in 58 the database says.
So Fry did have some influence on the man it seems...
Who is Barbara Fry? Those words "feel" great and the chain of images is massively effective but at first-reading I sense an efforted verse. A less than spontaneous meandering - recurring tricks that reveal a small dimensionality. The manual typer font always feels like home...Yes, I'll be be looking for more. Thanks.


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I've never seen one of Fry's poems before, so it's difficult to judge her talent. I don't care much for this poem, however. All I get from it, is that she prefer cows and nature to city life, just like a lot of people do. The poem seem a bit Bukowskiesque here and there, but that's no big surprise. It also seems a bit constructed as opposed to spontaneous, but maybe it's just a matter of taste.
Thanks, cirerita!
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Yeah, thanx man. That Barbara's lines can really thump the hills, put the old dog in the storm and the crows on the hills.

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Thanks Abel,
It feels a little, like the next line could be,

and the kitchen sink...

but I liked it somehow.;)


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Probably one of the longest run-on sentences I've ever read. Can't say that I think it's good, but what do I know?

Thanks Abel.

Whoever found this poem...

Please respond to this, and afterward perhaps contact me.

You will not regret it.

I am her grand-daughter.


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I found that poem, along many letters from Fry to several editors and Bukowski, when she was living someplace in Alaska.

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As a three time poetry contest judge (it's an ugly job but somebody has to do it), I'd put this in the "maybe" pile, which is much smaller than the "no" pile and much bigger than the "yes" pile. It's not all bad, it's not all good. There are some good parts, some junky parts. It could be edited down into a better poem. Based solely on this one poem, I don't think she was savy enough about poetry to be editing other people's work, or selecting/rejecting it. But it's a fascinating window into her mind, none the less.

I'd like to hear more from her grand daughter.


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And shakes another apple from the tree. No wonder the kids say we rule.
I am wary about revealing any information concerning my identity or my family on an online forum. Please understand that. When I commented, it was an abrupt, passionate decision. I had to take a couple of days to think before responding.

Thank you for the information about the poem. It was a very moving experience to read it.

I would like to know where the published information about my Grandmother's death was derived from (also the death of one of her "children")... as it is preposterous and offensive. I will not dispute any of the information provided by Bukowski's writings- as it is subject to artistic criticism and the embellishments of fiction (whether he considered it to be auto-biographical is irrelevant). However, the assumptions made about her life after Bukowski are not only irrelevant, but for the most part false.

I regret to reveal much more... I will tell you, though, that my grandfather (the "fisherman"- which is also a bit of a stretch) is dead.

My grandmother had a Corgi, Gerard. Identical to the one in your picture.

As a fellow scholar, I commend the dedication many of you have to your research. In light of this, I hope you can understand my disappointment in the academic community responsible for portraying rumor to be fact.

Furthermore, my family is not a lost literary archive, nor should be be objectified as such. When you go digging for the dead, you'll inevitably find the living. The tragedies of my family have been fabricated and purged all over the internet. It's disconcerting, to say the least... but bittersweet in the sense that some of her art is still out there.

It's strange to see all of you criticize the poem. I hope you know what it feels like one day... to not dissect a poem for its mechanics, or aesthetic techniques, or "genius..." but to have a work of art transcend itself, climb into your soul, and spiritually eviscerate you.

It was perfect, and beautiful, to me, because it was my grandmother's. Regardless of how it was done, I could feel her when I read it. Thank you for the priceless experience. Any further information about the sources would be helpful. Please do so privately. I've been trying to change my settings.

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H V you are safe here. It would be nice of you to share some information about your grand mother with us. The private message is secure, but I am not the scholar or researcher to contact. There are many people here who are true Doctors of Bukowski and would appreciate your input.
I had a grandmother from Texas as well.


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To suggest that all the information available on Barbara Fry is incorrect, gossip or fabrication and then not set the record straight is rather pointless, isn't it?

Anything you type here will figure prominently in search result for your grandmother. So if you want to set the record straight, this is the ideal place to do it.
And Barbara Fry(e) did not need people defending her poems. If she did, then she would not have been a poet. They need to stand on their own and not because her kinfolk said that it made them feel good. Because her Granddaughter has feelings for the poem, does not make a great poem. I'm sure that I wrote some bad, rhyming poetry for my Mom when I was a kid and my Mom loved it, but that would not make it a good poem.

I agree with mjp, though. You have the chance to set the record straight. This forum is THE reference on Bukowski and Barbara figures prominently into that. If you choose to not say anything, then we can only believe what we have read. You have to admit that your Grandmother was hard to track down (as far as research). You can set the record straight.

Throughout the ages, any form of artistic expression has always been up for discussion, good or bad. From Shakespeare to Jackson Pollock to Vincent VanGogh to the the struggling artist/writer who has gotten some recognition, nobody can escape criticism or praise.

That being said, I think the people here, on this forum, have an elevated IQ when it comes to art, music, poetry, et al. From the owner on down, artists are respected in all formats. If it's good, people will say so. If not, people will say so. That doesn't make it good or bad; but rather what people feel about it. IMO, that's a very good and important thing. And as long as the conversation continues, it keeps it alive.

Again, this forum probably has the highest IQ of any I've ever been to when it comes to previously said art forms. And I'm proud to be a member here.




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HV, I understand the impulse to protect your grandmother. I have the same reaction with members of my family (at least the ones I like), but your grandmother made herself a public figure by becoming a poet and editor. every poet takes the same risk. I have a blog and I'm called all sorts of things on that in the comments to my posts, but I was prepared for that. many people here are writers, artists, have blogs etc. and get negative feedback regularly. it's part of the deal.

but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that from what I've read, your grandmother had no problem in defending herself. and I'm also sure that you've read here that not everyone had a positive reaction to your grandmother. but that's human nature. not everyone likes everyone.

but, my point: we may have stuff wrong here about Ms. Fry. it's very likely we do. and to repeat the mantra that's cropped up in the last several posts: set us straight.

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At least do it for the sake of the corgis.

(it's funny I just noticed PurpleStickpin has a little sign under his name that says "I'm not him". It makes sense now.)
That being said, I think the people here, on this forum, have an elevated IQ when it comes to art, music, poetry, et al.
Again, this forum probably has the highest IQ of any I've ever been to when it comes to previously said art forms.
And I'm proud to be a member here.
ok, we get have a high I.Q.........