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Now Aussie company Shock Entertainment have Barfly coming to Blu-Ray... due for release early December 2010.
But doesn't Region-free = bootleg? It's even got the cover from the Greek bootleg, with the tipped over glass added. But I don't know nothing about no BLU-RAY. Maybe they don't do regions on those. Though I would bet they do.
Not all RC0 (= region free) are bootlegs. The Buk-readings at MondayMedia for example.

of course this doesn't say anything about the legitimacy of that Barfly-release.
I read elsewhere that it would be region coded 'B' for Australia and Europe, but I don't know no nothing neither 'bout them there Blu-Rays...
I believe most blu rays are region free. I bought the Sherwood BDP-5004 a year ago and it's played everything I've thrown in it - even standard dvds no matter the region or encoding. The only drawback is it can be a bit noisy at times.
More on the Aussie Blu Ray


Here are the Special Features as listed in this Menu footage from YouTube: (about 0:19 sec)

Looks like they're including all of the good stuff from the original Warner DVD.

  • Play with commentary by Barbet Schroeder
  • I Drink, I Gamble and I Write... The making of Barfly
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Excerpts from Barbet Schroeder's The Charles Bukowski Tapes:
#2 Starving for Art​
#3 This bar in Philadelphia​
#27 The New York Agent​
#44 For Jane​

[This video is unavailable.]

Should be released Wednesday 8th December 2010.

Edit: Australian online store Family Box Office are listing the disc as being coded for all regions (A, B & C) but PAL formatted so it 'may NOT be viewable in countries with the NTSC system. (US / Canada).'

And remember, this is a BLU RAY not a regular DVD.

And I don't even have a player ...

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