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It's a mystery to me why they leave out the commentator track from the reprints of Barfly, especially since nowadays extra material are a big part of selling DVD's.
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Yeah, it's a big beershit. Maybe the rights for the movie are cheaper than the rights for the comments now, but still...

I would at least have expected that the 2-DVD-special-edition is a good buy. But even the picture-quality is bad. The only reason, I offer this at the shop is, there's no other version to have and it's still better than not having it. But I can't say, that I really like this version much.
I bought a DVD copy, PAL version, at Amoeba Records in SF today. It was 13$ and there are about 5 more copies sitting on the self.
Even though it's PAL I can still watch it on my Computer.

Wow. I was at Amoeba in Hollywood two Saturdays ago with a buddy. We were there for about 3hrs, mostly spent in the vinyl section. On the way home Buk came up for a sec and my friend said he thought he had seen Barfly in the dvd section... If Amoeba had not closed at 11pm, I would have turned right back around, but I kept thinking he was bullshitting me. And now I have to wonder...
i got barfly on betamax. my homie taped it for me off his laserdisc. those big LP size laser discs are better fidelity. like a LP compared to a cassette,, yea.

great movie but i only watched like 15 minutes of it so far.

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