Barfly on DVD!!!

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  1. Snap! I got mine at JB HiFi in Sydney about 2 years ago but in a "dump" bin for $5.

    I didn't know who Buk was but I liked the story synopsis so I bought the DVD amongst a bunch of other cheapies. Turned out Barfly was the only good pick.
  2. I bought a DVD copy, PAL version, at Amoeba Records in SF today. It was 13$ and there are about 5 more copies sitting on the self.
    Even though it's PAL I can still watch it on my Computer.
  3. Does it have the special features or just movie?
  4. No special features on my copy, unless you consider theatrical trailer and photo gallery as special.
  5. thanks for the heads up, BANZSI...
  6. right. but I am thankful for the movie, because the by-product
    is great.
  7. Erik

    Erik If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    :) Barfly will be released in Norway on Desember 09, according to this website.
    Doesn't mention any extras though. Hope Schroeder's commentary track is on it.
  8. Bukfan

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    The image on the cover on the Norwegian site is the same image I have on the copy of the Barfly DVD I bought on Amazon a couple of months ago and that did'nt have the commentary track, only a few still photo's from the movie, so I suspect it's the same version as the Norwegian one - unfortunately.
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  9. I now have the 2-DVD-disc-set of Barfly in the bukshop.

    Language is English and German, but this one also doesn't come with a commentary-track. What Fuck!

    Also, they screwed up the 2nd DVD, which contains about a 3rd of the Bukowski-Tapes:

    though they were intelligent enough to leave the annoying music inbetween (sometimes), they just muted the sound, which means, the sequences start with a few seconds of total silence, where you only see the picture, which - of course - looks like an error, especially to people, who don't know about the original music-track. WTF?
  10. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    It's a mystery to me why they leave out the commentator track from the reprints of Barfly, especially since nowadays extra material are a big part of selling DVD's.
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  11. Yeah, it's a big beershit. Maybe the rights for the movie are cheaper than the rights for the comments now, but still...

    I would at least have expected that the 2-DVD-special-edition is a good buy. But even the picture-quality is bad. The only reason, I offer this at the shop is, there's no other version to have and it's still better than not having it. But I can't say, that I really like this version much.
  12. nervas

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    Wow. I was at Amoeba in Hollywood two Saturdays ago with a buddy. We were there for about 3hrs, mostly spent in the vinyl section. On the way home Buk came up for a sec and my friend said he thought he had seen Barfly in the dvd section... If Amoeba had not closed at 11pm, I would have turned right back around, but I kept thinking he was bullshitting me. And now I have to wonder...
  13. i got barfly on betamax. my homie taped it for me off his laserdisc. those big LP size laser discs are better fidelity. like a LP compared to a cassette,, yea.

    great movie but i only watched like 15 minutes of it so far.
  14. Watched it on Amazon this weekend for $2.99

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