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Beat Books Catalogue (1 Viewer)


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Andrew Sclanders' latest catalogue (#45 - Beat, Concrete & Experimental
Writing) is now online at http://www.beatbooks.com Sections include
William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac.

There are some interesting Bukowski items...
Jason, do you have any idea what price they had on the copy of Flower, Fist that sold?

By the way, Beat Books rules. Everyone should check out this fine, worthy shop.
No, I wish I did though... Some great Bukowski items at the SF ABAA Book Fair here this weekend: Genius of the Crowd, Africa Paris Greece [1/20 copies, hardcover], lots of items with paintings, etc...
It was sold before the fair opened and then repriced at $10K by another dealer. The condition seemed near fine. If it's there when I go back this morning, I'll check to confirm...

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