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So I stumbled upon this forum by mistake. The other day I was lolling about in a used bookstore (because apparently those still exist in quaint somewhat contrived New England University towns) and I was shocked and appalled to find that dear old Buk had been lumped with them. There he sat alongside THAT elitist pretentious movement predicated on the renunciation of elitist pretense (Hypocrisy, I tell you!). Now, I must admit I do have a soft spot in my soul for those angel headed hipsters perpetually "starving hysterical naked" in the streets, and I mean really, who doesn't love a good on-the-nod cephalopod sex scene every now and again? That being said, I frankly do not appreciate it when my beloved alcoholic blue collar apathetic baby is placed next to those...well, hipsters.

I've scoured the interwebs, my bookshelf, and my various audio recordings trying to find something about Buk's opinions of the Beats. The only thing I kept coming back to was:

the woman behind me has a daughter who falls in love
with men in beards and sandals and berets
who smoke pipes and carefully comb their hair and
play chess and talk continually of the
soul and of Art

At first I was sure Buk would be angry to be grouped with them, a lone wolf forced awkwardly into a pack so obviously not suited for him; his works resists all classification (although perhaps somewhat similar to Selby and Papa Hemingway). In the end though, I think he'd be amused:

this is good enough: you've got to love
Reading this post was like going down a spiral staircase on rollerblades. I may try again later, maybe not, probably not.

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