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For years and years I have read that "Blood On The Tracks" by Dylan is one of, if not thee greatest heartbreak album of all times...At this point, I'd agree, it's simply amazing. "Here My Dear" by Marvin Gaye is always another referenced, and that too is amazing. It was recorded as part of his divorce settlement, with half of the albums proceeds going to his ex-wife, hence the title "Here, My Dear." Recently Kanye West's "808's & Heartbreak" has been called one of the best heartbreak albums since Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks." While I would not go that far, Kanye's album is amazing in my opinion.

The theme here, is that these three albums to seem to be the best three heartbreak albums I've ever heard. I love all three, and for this reason was checking to see if anyone else has other recommendations that maybe I have never heard of... So anyone? What are some great heartbreak albums out there, or even your thoughts on the three I mentioned?
kanye west? heartbreak? there are so many directions you could go with this. but rap? wrong way....

how about otis redding. sam cooke. elliott smith.
Well, I didn't really want to exclude any sort of genre. I'm not the biggest fan of rap, but the new Kanye West album certainly does not deserve to be cast off into the rap=crap bin. It's actually very, very good. Kanye had just lost his mother, and broken off a 5 year realtionship, so every song on the album deals with one of the two losses.

Elliott Smith is one of my all time heros, got to see him live several times. However he does not have an album that really can be considered a heartbreak album in my opinion.

Definately want to check out Joni Mitchell's "blues" now....
It's Blue, not Blues. 1971, and in a strange twist of fate, the cover is blue. It's not all heartbreak, I have to say, but it comes across as very melancholy and vulnerable in spots. Then again, there some more upbeat songs also. But Dylan's Tangled up in Blue has Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, which is rather upbeat.



LOL! (and that ends tonight's presentation boys and girls)

which is too bad cuz I really wanted to post this; which, although, not a whole album, contains a whole album's worth of heartbreak.

[This video is unavailable.]
If by "heartbreak album", you mean the kind of those that make tears drop :




And last but not least :
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I was thinking of this one from the first moment of reading this thread!

For several years it was a Xmas eve ritual of mine to play this album while enjoying the many things I used at that time to celebrate.

So I think of this as my favorite Christmas album, in a way.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I just picked up "Lady In Satin" by Holiday and man, I'm blown away by how good that is! Also re-listened to Cave's "No More Shall We Part" for probably the 5th time this year, and WOW, amazing as ever.
When I saw this thread title, without even looking at the first post, I was going to say "Blood on the Tracks" hands down. But Kanye West, sir? No, never, not in this lifetime. Why, just why? In addition to Blood on the Tracks, I'd certainly say Derek and the Domino's "Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs", gotten me through some rough times.
Only five times ? :D

And did you cry each time ?
Well Ambreen, since that post I've listened at least 3 more times. Each time is better than the last. I can't say that I cried though.

Lolita, what happened to music? yeah, agree to that, however there still are a few bands left out there that are making amazing music, in my opinion.

I still have to disagree with you on the Kanye though. I swear, you'll find lots of different music in my 650GB but you wont find much rap.... BUT his latest album just did something that I have not heard in, well maybe ever? So, even though he was a small dot on my radar previous, 808's & Heartbreak goes down as a classic in my mind, and in the minds of millions of others...
I don`t have Heartbreakalbums , maybee one, it`s Don Johnson "The Essential" from my exwife ! Better i send her back . So i cleared my albumcollection !What a shit album , must be the reason why i leave her .

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