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she was born last Wednesday (the 19th). Her name is Elizabeth Josephine Roberts. She was 7 lbs, 10 ox and 21.5" long.

Everyone is doing great.

Here is a picture.


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Yes indeed, congratulations to you and your family on the beautiful new edition Bill.


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Congrats, Bill! She's a beautiful looking baby.
Please don't make a clamshell case for your new edition. ;)
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Congratulations to you and yours on the wonderful daughter.

And thanks to you specifically for the wonderful pressing. My Father Luke book is a treasure (thanks to Father Luke as well!).


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Congrats, Bill! She's a beautiful looking baby.
Please don't make a clamshell case for your new edition. ;)
Oh shit, I laughed so hard at this that Knob Creek came out of my nose, and that hurts like a motherfucker, I freely admit.

Bill, congratulations to you and the missus and the sibs. You are a prince amongst thieves and a true gentleman, and any children of yours can only be an asset to this world.
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Bill Roberts has another's like learning of a new Jedi! Pretty soon she'll be printing too!

That Roberts clan makes some right cute kids! G & I send our best to everyone!
Beautiful baby, Bill, heartfelt congratulations, and here's to hoping she inherits a planet 100% better than the one she has been presently born into.


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Congratulations Bill! Of course a new baby won't slow you down any. Nothing slows you down. Beautiful kid. They usually come out wrinkled and pissed off.
Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

I now have another assistant to help me with all of these projects. With all of the extra help, I should really get cranking out some great stuff in the next 10 years.

All best,


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Looks like she can start licking envelopes right now. No need to coddle her, get her to work or the terrorists win!


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Her name is Elizabeth Josephine Roberts.

Congrats to you and your family, Bill!

How do you call her?


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"There have been times where I’ve wanted something new to read and I’ve blindly ordered things from the BoSP site – it doesn’t matter if I’m familiar with the name or not. That’s how much I trust the work they put out. I’m never disappointed."

That's high praise.

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