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If I am responsible for resurrecting this Dylan worshipping thread via the "What are you listening to now?" thread, I humbly apologize. Suddenly we have become

Well, both Buk and Bob are very original artists and both of them are an acquired taste and not for everybody.
I'm glad you revived the thread!
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If I am responsible for resurrecting this Dylan worshipping thread via the "What are you listening to now?" thread, I humbly apologize. Suddenly we have become

Yes, you did good, but actually hank solo rounded you all up and segregated you to this place. I was whining about it so he did me a favor- that little f-ing corgi carries a lot of weight around here so don't mess with him.;)
Yeah, in places. in other places I thought it was a terrible hard thing to read. almost elementary. But I do hope that there is a volume two soon.

I was all wrapped up in the interest I had in the subject. I think I read the thing in one night. 1fsh, I think you and this guy kept a little more objectivity that I did...I enjoyed reading it my way though:

I hope there is a volume two...I've got a feeling there won't be one.
Dylan resembles Tom Waits in that he's a better song writer than performer.
I, at least, often prefer cover versions of Bob's songs.
Bryan Ferry has recently done a good job on Dylanesque:
the many moods of Bobby D -

this thread reminded me of some great dylan stuff i saw recently on youtube so i dug them up - i'm sure anyone interested has already seen these but wtf

cab ride with john lennon (bombed) - so funny him trying not to puke
[This video is unavailable.]

the Dylan and Lennon footage is great. it is a clip from the documentary "eat the document". there is another great clip from the film where Dylan and Rick Danco, i think, try to buy a guy's girl friend for rick's jacket and a pack of cigarettes. unbelievably funny.

Well, after Joey, of course. ;)
maybe we should start a " we a hate Joey thread"
we could talk about in detail how terrible we think the song is. it would be fun, maybe

Why couldn't Mark Chapman have been obsessed with Billy Ray Cyrus or Michael Jackson?

Because it was pre-ordained in the Book of Revelations that Billy Ray would spawn the Whore of Babylon, otherwise known as Miley Cyrus or, in Satanic circles, Hannah Montana. The end is near. Prepare.
Thanks, CarversDog! Nice tune, I like blues. I guess this tune is part of the soon to be released Bootleg Series No. 8, Tell Tale Signs.
really great track but it's not really a new track. It's an alternative take of a song that appeared on the 2001 album"Love and Theft". I actually prefer this one to the official release. also Sheryl Crow covered it some time in the late 90's. But if you like your ears please don't subject them to that.

also Dylan's song "forever young" has just been turned into a kids book
if your interested there is a short review at the address above
32/20 Blues... an old favorite Robert Johnson tune. If only Dylan would cover They're Red Hot! Thanks for the link.
Good things come in threes...

heres the first episode of TTRH season three: Theme Time Radio Hour3
(Just imagine if John Lennon was alive and putting out a program like this... oh well well well.)
Thanks for the link. As for Chronicles, yes it is good, and insightful. For all his ability, Dylan admits his rather juvenile behavior in the years just before he made it. Word has it that he really didn't admit it all...
Thanks for the link, DIB! - Dylan says in the beginning of the interview that his uncle took him to California to listen to Woody Guthrie, when Dylan was 10 years old. I wonder if that's true. Dylan was known to make up stories back then...:D

I have'nt finished Cronicles yet. I got to page 162 and put it aside when Portions came out, but so far it's been an interesting read.
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That's a great song. Thanks, for letting us know, Erik!
I can see Dylan's releasing a new CD April 28th. I hope all the songs are as good as this one...
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Remember that poem where Buk mentions both Hitler & Dylan?
Well, what do ya know! here's a recent interview where Dylan talks about the Stones and Hitler!
And Buk once went to a Stones concert - get it?
Didn't think so...
I feel reluctant to do so, being most unaccustomed to contradicting anything the esteemed Hank Solo might say concerning Buk-texts, but may I most humbly point out that the text named "Jaggernaut: Wild Horse on a Plastic Phallus", (as it originally was named in Creem, vol.7, nr. 5, October 1975), on page 156 of "Portions..." describes Buk's impressions of a Stones concert? and that he there most fittingly mentions the song "Sympathy for the Devil"? (which of course has nothing to do with Hitler or his mustache.)

But of course, he may just have made up the whole thing, as he hints at in the afore mentioned concert review...

I stand prepared to be corrected.
Well I haven't read it for a long time, but I seem to remember that in that article he writes about intending to go to a Stones gig, but not making it, but turned in an article to Creem anyway. So ... perhaps he did, but I remember the article suggesting otherwise.
He suggests skipping the show, but it sounds like he went anyway.

"Look," I said, "why don't we just stay in here and get drunk? Fuck the STONES. I mean, I can make up some kind of story: went to see the STONES, got drunk in a golfcourse bar, pewked, broke a table...knitted a palm tree towel, caught cancer. Whatcha think?"

And it wasn't the only time he saw them. He wrote right at the beginning of that piece, "Last time I had seen them was at the Santa Monica Civic."

I vaguely recall reading somewhere that he said the forum concert wasn't as good as the Santa Monica show. Didn't have the same fire, balls or heat or something. But it would seem that he saw them twice.
Hey I'm just remembering having myself asked the question about this review somewhere else...I had totally forgotten it ! :p Thank you Hanky for your link, that was exactly what I wanted ! So it is directly available on this website, cool !
Ha!, just learned that Dylan has been added to the Milwaukee summer music fest! with Willie Nelson Oh yeah..... I'm there...
That's great, 1fsh2fsh!

- I just got his new CD. I've only heard it once so far but there seems to me a few good songs on it. I like the extra CD with the 60 min. Dylan radio show...
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Dylan radio show

you can download the Radio show here
[no links to commercially available shite - ed.]
I'm off to see him tomorrow (Saturday) in Glasgow :D
That's great, Roni! Funny, that he chose Bamberg instead of some big city. Be sure to get a ticket. They sell out fast.

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