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I was going through a box of Bukowski books in my office and pulled out my copies of Bombay Gin. In the Summer 1990 issue, there are two short Buk stories - "Dildo Man" and "Sex Sister". I looked them up in the data base here and only found Sex Sister and that was listed as being in Come On In! but not in Bombay Gin. Since Dildo Man was not listed at all, I have attached a scan of it. For those of you that may not be familiar with Bombay Gin, it is "The Naropa Institute Literary Magazine" from Boulder, Colorado. Near as I can tell, Bukowski was in three editions of the magazine 1) Summer 1990 2) Vol II No 1, Summer 1991 and 3) 1993 although this last one is simply the typed words "Thank you, Charles Bukowski" and one of his drawings of a man walking with the sun shining and his signature.


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Great little story -- thanks. Is this character "Dave" based on someone who once was Buk's neighbor? He mentions the court, and somewhere I seem to recall reading that one of Buk's neighbors ran a dirty bookstore -- or was it a guy whose wife was a stripper?
One more Bombay Gin scan. This one is from the 1993 edition. It is page 4, before the TOC. I don't know who or what he was thanking and it is the only Bukowski in this issue. Must have been a slow period for the editors?

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